World Top Beautiful News Anchors They Can Surprise You Any Time


Have you ever been channel surfing and immediately drop the remote? I thought so. These women are so beautiful that they can make the most boring story seem so great. Check out these good looking women these smart news channels hire!

Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas from Fox News, America is absolutely stunning, isn't she? To her naturally beautiful hair, those eyes that you can stare at for days and the structure of her face, wow! She is very well maintained and is naturally beautiful, nothing fake about her. Go Julie, you're a rockstar! Julie Banderas

Susan Li Bloomberg Television

Susan Li from Bloomberg Television, Hong Kong. Now, some may not think Asian's are beautiful but seriously, how can you not? Most of them are so gorgeous and Susan Li is absolutely stunning! Her smile is contagious and that hair, her skin tone is just gorgeous. Asian decent is so perfect, love it!! Susan Li from Bloomberg Television

Robin Meade

Robin Meade with HLN, America is a bit older as you can see and the natural beauty is just shining through. She obviously takes very good care of herself and her body. News anchors always have such nice and white teeth too. Dressed to impress and looking gorgeous! Robin Meade with HLN

Giselle Blondet from Univision,

South America has no shame in her game, showing off that body! What a good looking girl she is, her skin is gorgeous, I wish my skin looked as good as hers. Univision must be very happy they hired her, she sure is a looker! Giselle Blondet from Univision,

Jenna Lee


Everyone knows Jenna Lee with Fox News, America. Beautiful, smart, funny, nice body, gorgeous eyes, yep, Jenna has it all! Everyone watches Fox News to see her at some point, she's a total channel stopper. You know, when you're surfing the channels, you see a beautiful girl and you stop. Yep, that's her! Jenna Lee

Brooke Baldwin – CNN, America.

There's no denying that Brooke is beautiful. An older lady, nice hair, nice facial features, beautiful eyes, smart, everything about this one screams beauty! When I get to be her age, I wish I would look half as good as she does right now! Brooke Baldwin – CNN, America

Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is with ABC, America.

Her beautiful blonde hair, her thin toned body, little color on her skin looks very beautiful. She looks very nice in green too, that dress works well on her. ABC news has to be very happy with this anchor! Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is with ABC

Megan Kelly from Fox News,

America. EVERYONE knows Megan Kelly, EVERYONE! There is no question that she is not absolutely stunning. Those curves, her hair, her facial features, those beautiful eyes, everything about Megan is gorgeous! She's so smart, self sufficient, happy lady too, everyone loves Megan, it's why I watch Fox. Megan Kelly from Fox News

Sharon Tay anchor for CBS Affiliate,

America. Sharon's age has nothing to do with her beauty. Her Asian decent is beautiful, her skin tone is so lovely and she is quite the attractive woman, to say the least. Sharon is a good anchor too if you haven't seen her before, she really knows her stuff and you can tell she's not just staring at a screen reading, she actually knows what's happening. Sharon Tay anchor for CBS Affiliate

Pamela David

Pamela David the news anchor for Desayuno Americano, Argentina. Okay can I ask you a question? Should I move to Argentina? This is what their news anchors look like? Come on!!! This is what they look like on TV? I have to move there. Pamela David

Maria Menounos

You've heard the song, Maria, right? This is her! Maria Menounos who is the anchor for Access Hollywood, America. The song really isn't about her but she's beautiful enough for someone to write a song about. If you haven't seen her on set before, you need to, she's all around amazing! Maria Menounos

Whoa Erin Andrews – ESPN,

America, hello sweetheart! I don't watch ESPN enough, obviously, if she's on there, I need to start. Look at that smile, she can melt your heart instantly! That little bit of wave in her hair really does something for her too! What a beautiful, beautiful lady. Whoa Erin Andrews – ESPN

Nancy O’Dell from Access Hollywood,

America. What a looker, huh? That hair, long, beautiful, straight, well kept. That outfit looks gorgeous on her too, it's definitely her color. Do you watch Access Hollywood? If not, I bet you will now. Nancy O’Dell from Access Hollywood

Kelly Ripa with Kelly & Michael,

America. Everyone loves Kelly. Not only because obviously, she's stunning, those eyes could make you lose your train of thought, that smile could melt you and her knowledge is so sexy! Kelly is a very well known anchor, if you haven't seen her, you need to start watching, she's great!! Kelly Ripa with Kelly & Michael

Laurie Dhue from Fox News,

America really is a great anchor. I know they are supposed to be, but she's always very good at speaking about what's going on, she is in tune with everything and you can tell it's just just from reading off the screen, she keeps up on it. Beauty and brains, you can't get much better than that! Laurie Dhue from Fox News

Kiran Chetry – CNN, America.

There really isn't that many anchors that have dark, dark hair like her but you know what? She rocks it. It looks so good with her skin tone and her eyes, it really makes her that much more beautiful. I love how she's natural too, not too much make up, nice and simple jewelry, well groomed, not over done on the outfit. I like Kiran, a lot. Kiran Chetry – CNN, America

Mona Lisa aka Anna Gilligan

Fox News, America. She looks real nice from afar but when you get up close, she doesn't look that great, at least in this picture anyway. Even the guy next to her is blocking her or is that just coincidence? Mona Lisa aka Anna Gilligan

Krystal Ball

Here is Krystal Ball with MSNBC, America. Another democrat that doesn't know anything about anything. Her and all of the other democrats need to give it up and let Donald run it so we can make this country great again! Once everyone jumps on the Trump Train, we'll all be much better off. Trump 2016!

Krystal Ball

Ainsley Earhardt

This is Ainsley Earhardt from Fox News, America. Obviously, she's very pretty and those eyes, oh those eyes! I love the color of her hair too and her skin tone is very beautiful! Blue eyes. blonde hair, it's what every man wishes they had, right? Ainsley Earhardt

Lindsey Czarniak

Lindsey Czarniak with ESPN, is a very good reporter. Although you may have a hard time paying attention because when she speaks, her lips disappear but other than that, she's a pretty lady. If I were her, I would probably stop dying my hair and get it trimmed because it's not looking that great. She could groom herslef a little better and would look prettier on TV. Lindsey Czarniak with ESPN

Melissa Stark with MSNBC.

Everyone loves Melissa Stark with MSNBC. She's an awesome anchor and knows a lot about everything she speaks of. Her personality that shows on air is awesome too, I'm sure everyone loves to be around her when she's having a great time outside of work! Melissa Stark with MSNBC.

Melissa Theuriau

This anchor is on LCI, France, Melissa Theuriau. Is it just me or does she look about 18 years old? Either way, she is so naturally beautiful, it's hard to believe. Those beautiful green eyes, her facial features are out of this world. I don't know how old she really is but when she gets older, she will definitely age well. Melissa Theuriau

Britt McHenry – ESPN.

Hello gorgeous! This beautiful ancho is on ESPN and if you're ever flipping through the channels to see what's on and see her, you will stop surfing, believe me. She's quite the looker. She knew what she was doing when she was getting into this line of work. Damn girl! Britt McHenry – ESPN.

Vanessa Huppenkothen from Televisa Deportes

The anchor, Vanessa Huppenkothen from Televisa Deportes, Mexico is so so beautiful, isn't she? Nice body, nice facial features, nice smile, I don't live in Mexico but I can only imagine how popular she is. No wedding ring either, uh oh boys, get her! Vanessa Huppenkothen from Televisa Deportes

Charlie Webster from GP2

United Kingdom is an average looking girl and definitely not fake. Red is a great color on her and her eye color is very nice! I'm not too familiar with United Kingdom but, I'm sure guys are all for her! Charlie Webster from GP2

Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila who is the anchor on Fox News is absolutely no question about it, unbelievably stunning. There isn't a think you could possibly pick out on her. She is successful, smart, great personality on set, everything about her screams class. I love her on tv too, she's a great anchor! Jedediah Bila

Margaret Brennan – CBS News,

You know who she looks like? The lady on Special Victims Unit, a little bit, don't you think? Both, very beautiful, her smile is so contagious you just look at this picture and smile. I love her haircut too, I've been looking for a haircut that would work for me, I think I just found it! Margaret Brennan – CBS News

Pamela Brown from CNN

Pamela Brown from CNN looks kind of confused, doesn't she? I know she's in the middle of speaking and obviously this is a bad picture but if you watch her on tv too, she always has a stunned look on her face. Either way, she's still beautiful, her hair color looks so good on her!! Pamela Brown from CNN

S.E. Cupp

CNN, I'm digging the darker hair for a change. The glasses too. Kind of throws you off the whole "anchor image" and sets you back into reality. She's beautiful in every way, those light eyes, ugh I'm so jealous, I wish I had her eyes! Beautiful, darling, just beautiful! S.E. Cupp

Kimberly Guilfoyle anchor for Fox News.

Okay, everyone loves Kim. She's great on set. You know what's so funny too, my 83 year old grandpa has the biggest crush on her!! My grandma thinks it's funny too, she sees her on tv and yells for him "honey, your girlfriend is on tv!" Who doesn't love her though, Kim is gorgeous! Kimberly Guilfoyle anchor for Fox News

Abby Huntsman on MSNBC

Abby Huntsman on MSNBC is so so so beautiful to me. I love how natural she is, not a lot of make up, not fake, natural hair color. She just rocks this job and is going to go so far. I LOVE her dimples, love them! Makes her look so sweet 🙂   Abby Huntsman on MSNBC

Betty Liu

Betty Liu – Bloomberg is a super good anchor, very well known and obviously quite beautiful! That smile, omg that smile, everyone is jealous of her contagious smile! Her Asian decent is so nice, skin ton, hair, everything about her screams beauty!   Betty Liu

Jill Nicolin is the Weather girl for WPIX-TV.

Who doesn't need to look at the weather, 15 times a day? Is she on like all day because what channel is this on again? Oh WPIX-TV, okay, I'll need to check that out for sure. Jill is so gorgeous, weather girl, seriously? Hello beautiful!   Jill Nicolin is the Weather girl for WPIX-TV

The anchor, Maria Quiban

Fox 11 is loved by so many. Her contagious personality, her laugh is so cute and her great personality makes her time slot very fun! We all love watching Maria and her awesome personality, it's nice to see someone enjoy what they do so much!   The anchor, Maria Quiban

Sugey Abrego – Canal 4,

Mexico is super beautiful, don't you agree? I actually seen her last week on tv while I was on vacation in Mexico, although I don't know the language, I did enjoy watching her on tv. As you would too. Back off people, she's married 🙂 Sugey Abrego – Canal 4

Mayte Carranco from MTY Television,

Mexico is so incredibly stunning!!! I also seen her on tv while on vacation, even though I don't know spanish, I still enjoyed watching her, obviously. Look at that body, it takes some serious time for most people to look like that and for her, it comes natural!   Mayte Carranco from MTY Television

Evelyn Taft with KCAL-9

Evelyn Taft with KCAL-9 is so sweet, everyone loves her! When you watch her on TV, you get so zoned into what she is saying because her personality is so sweet! I love how she's not all dressy like most anchors too, she's pretty just the way she is!   Evelyn Taft with KCAL-9

Zelenny Ibarra – Milenio TV,

Mexico has no shame in her game. Flaunting that beautiful body that she obviously works hard for with that tight fitted dress. Her legs, you can tell she works out and works out hard! She deserves to wear something like this, she rocks it!

Zelenny Ibarra – Milenio TV

Mary Gamarra from Telemundo

Mary Gamarra from Telemundo, are you at a loss of words just like I am? She's a news anchor? Seriously? I love her smile so much, it seriously makes me smile. That body, whoa that body!! I'm jealous, I wish I looked half as good as she does. She's one of the top 10 in my book.

Mary Gamarra from Telemundo

Diana Alvarado from Canal 44,

Mexico completely rocks that outfit! She's the weather girl and has 2 time slots per day and I'm sure everyone tunes into watching her. Everyone. No wedding ring either, I'm sure the fellas are always after her! Diana Alvarado from Canal 44,