Women’s Ultimate Survival Guide to Period Misery


We’re opening period secret: from the drug, food, exercise pen, and why we are likening sex and chocolates in this times of month.

OH periods is little gifts of god for women its make you fertile and more loveable for everyone. Periods come along with craving, cramping for both food and sex, and horrible mood romantic. Men heedful! For you and your man we are ultimate guide to dealing with your period Misery.

Ladies…the crimson wave is not your adversary always

Period not do everything bad… that we are saying. it is a myth. Here we are discussing about three bright side and start being a little more appreciative of your monthly visitor.

1 You get attractive boobs: that is write by the period you are good sweet and lovely big breasts. Its region is your fluctuating hormones give breasts to swell and fuller that makes appearances of full cup size. After the week you lose your big titties but if you are using pushup Bars you can make your figure attractive.

2 Signal not pregnant: Congratulations! Their very strong signals to you are not pregnant and its make to secure you’re not need to worry about unwanted pregnancy. Its makes the advantage alarm-setting to take your birth control pill on time paid off, if you, ma’am, are not pregnant! Its good way to know successfully completed one more month of baby-free sex.

3 Your period make you ageing slower. According to this U.S. longevity expert, a woman age goes to slower than men by the reason of the iron loss involved in menstruation.