What To Eat Fruits To Lose Weight Fast


What to eat fruits to lose weight fast, simplified beauty small series to be sorting out some common fruits, has a good weight-loss effects!


Experts through about experiment showed that, grapefruit in the is rich in of variety organic acid, and fiber g acetylene, nutrition material, can enhanced gastrointestinal road and liver in the same enzyme of vitality, will fat dissolved sex material into for water-soluble material, can inhibit starch enzyme formed neutral fat, can inhibit blood sugar (sugar points high of food) in liver in the into for fat, prevent body fat of stacked, has is good of weight loss bodybuilding role. United States weight loss expert’s latest results also show that overweight people usually eat more grapefruit, can generally reduce weight, some obese people eating grapefruit after 4 weeks in a row, lost 10 kilograms body weight, achieve significant slimming effect, eat grapefruit weight loss experts have termed fatty good fruit. Grapefruit cream and radish with food, so as not to induce or cause thyroid enlargement. More grapefruit contains organic acids, it is not appropriate before a meal or on an empty stomach to eat, so as to avoid stomach upset.

What To Eat Fruits To Lose Weight Fast


Huyou is rich in vitamins and essential amino acids as well as phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium and other trace elements. According to the analysis, vitamin c fruit of citrus per 100 grams up to 41 mg, it is rich in organic acid can protect vitamin c is destroyed, vitamin c can promote decomposition of lipid metabolism, reduced deposition of body fat.Fresh grapefruit juice, also contain insulin-like composition, can lower blood sugar. Thus, obesity, Hyperlipidemia, diabetes patients often eat huyou, with lipid-lowering blood sugar, weight loss slimming effect. These experts believe that huyou is a nutrient-rich, low calorie weight of good fruit, fruit of citrus eat each meal with a conducive to weight loss, it can suppress appetite, prevent the occurrence of obesity. Huyou cold, spleen should not eat. Huyou rich in organic acids, it is not appropriate before a meal or on an empty stomach to eat, so as not to cause stomach upsets, preferably within 1 hour of eating do not drink milk, so as not to affect digestion and absorption.


Banana pulp is rich in dietary fiber and pectin substances can produce a lasting sense of fullness, decreases the appetite between meals, reducing the chance of eating snacks.Bananas contain dietary fiber, like a sponge, absorbing water, the increased water in the stool, stool is soft, can stimulate intestinal accelerating peristalsis, enabling discharge, reduce residence time in the feces in the large intestine, can effectively reduce the intestinal absorption of fat, and thus play a bowel detox and slimming effect. Bananas should not be eaten on an empty stomach, especially drivers not on an empty stomach to eat bananas. Because the magnesium in the banana, will cause the imbalance of calcium in the blood, may exacerbate the disease in patients with cardiovascular disease and heart disease, can also cause a significant feeling of numbness, muscle weakness, sleepiness, lack of symptoms occur when drive is prone to traffic accidents. Banana cold, spleen, stomach ache diarrhea, diarrhea and should not eat.

What To Eat Fruits To Lose Weight Fast


Kiwi is a nutrient-rich, low-calorie weight-loss fitness good fruit, rich in vitamin c, dietary fiber. Kiwi of vitamin c content is equivalent citrus of 5~6 times, vitamin c can promote fat class of decomposition metabolism, also can promote fat of decomposition and protein of synthesis, can avoid excess fat leg thigh variable rough; its by is rich in of cellulose can in intestinal in the absorption water, makes intestinal content real expansion, increased stool volume, and can stimulus colon of Peristaltic, can shortened stool in intestinal within of stay time, effective to reduced on fat of Digest absorption rate, reduced has body fat of deposition, to up to laxative Detox, and weight loss thin body of effect. Kiwi cold, spleen, diarrhea should not be consumed. Kiwi and not with the milk with the food, so as to avoid bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other side effects.

What To Eat Fruits To Lose Weight Fast


The pectin contained in the papaya is good bowel Detox agent, lubricates the intestines, gastrointestinal motility, speed up rapid food and chyme through the small intestine, can effectively reduce the intestinal absorption of substances, in particular, reduce the rate of digestion and absorption of fat and reduce body fat deposition, colon detoxification, slimming effect. Papaya also contains unique protein, fats in the body can be broken down into fatty acids, thereby reducing the accumulation of fat in the body, and play a role in weight-loss fitness. Not suitable for allergic persons and pregnant women eat papaya.

What To Eat Fruits To Lose Weight Fast


Yacon is rich in dietary fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis, maintaining smooth stool, reduce the residence time of waste in the body, especially on the digestion and absorption of fats. Yacon is a sweet source of fructooligosaccharides, no digestive enzymes can hydrolyze the carbohydrates in the human body, it is difficult to be digested and absorbed. Thus, obese people often eat not only produces satiety, but also can reduce the amount of intake of other foods, with lower blood glucose, blood lipids and cholesterol, weight loss, obesity prevention good effect. Yacon General when the fruit is eaten raw or fried, crisp and refreshing, and stewed chicken or pork soup. The Lotus fruit is rich in tannin, and easily change color, such as sliced peeled yacon soak in clean water, will prevent the oxidizing discoloration. Yacon in cold, spleen, diarrhea should be wary of the food.

What To Eat Fruits To Lose Weight Fast