Victoria Secret Not Enough Supermodel Retro Christmas Makeup Show


Victoria Secret Fashion Show every year before Christmas are exquisite luxury, bright colors, can be described with the Christmas atmosphere complement each other. But they can not really Christmas party wearing a bikini go? Even if there is the gall bladder, and must have the stature ah! Do not worry, this year’s major US cosmetics brands have launched yet glamorous retro style makeup noble goddess. Even without the devil, even with a face can conquests!

Supermodel retro Christmas play "Angel" makeup goddess edge shape

Because Victoria Secret and widely-known Miranda children although the last two years are not as catwalks, but she already has become synonymous with dense dimension. When shooting for a large Christmas bags brand dress is very retro styling, not only painted a rare dark lips look more three-dimensional contours of the face, a kind of thick skin tone 60 ‘s American style .

Supermodel retro Christmas play "Angel" makeup goddess edge shape

Another Victoria’s Secret supermodel in a single product for the brand endorsement Christmas when painted on the occasion of the big red lips, eye makeup also fresh sweet, hearty smile is absolutely contagious. Blonde is a standard range of children in Europe and America, coupled with being glamorous red lip is to not! Coincidentally, this year the major cosmetics brands are also big Christmas makeup to go retro, here we are just a glimpse of it!

Supermodel retro Christmas play "Angel" makeup goddess edge shape

Bobbi Brown × gilt Retro

Inspired by the legendary American actress Lauren • Bacall, is dumping her plump lips and eyebrows tall, firm and with a little tease, with fear of the passage of time charm. Makeup guru Bobbi Brown to Lauren as muse, passion, strong, wild into one, creating such a fascinating and charming look, painted it, as if it has a star style!

Supermodel retro Christmas play "Angel" makeup goddess edge shape

BOBBI BROWN2014 Christmas Limited flames gilt New Series

The main focus lies in the makeup lips, while BOBBI BROWN to the upper lip makeup, the first with a sangria-colored lip liner lip outline, followed by the Bordeaux Wyatt rainbow colored lipstick color. Finally, the use of positive Infusion bright red lip color lip gloss makes rich layering.