Uncommon Pictures Of Barack Obama That You Like  To See


Obama has made for an excellent US President since his time in office began in 2009, yet he’s so far managed to keep a lot of his personal life under wraps.

But let’s face it, you can’t be the leader of the White House without everyone wanting to find out everything about your life.

It’s time to take an insight into Barack’s life with these 35 very rare photos. He definitely didn’t want you to see them…

1. Basketball Passions

 Barack Obama As a teen, the president was a massive fan of basketball with him being on the team at high school in Hawaii. We sure hope he scored after this photo was taken.

2. Everybody Loves Surfing

 Barack Obama Yes, the US President loves surfing just as much as you do. Obama is pictured on vacation in Hawaii with his family, probably teaching his children his skills in the water.

3. Dalai Lama

 Barack Obama Dalai Lama visited the White House in summer this year for a private meeting. It got a lot of people talking!

4. Young & Stylish

 Barack Obama Barack clearly had his own sense of style going on when he was young. He looks totally laid back and chilled as he poses for the camera.

5. When Michelle Became Mrs Obama

 Barack Obama They’re one of the most famous celebrity couples. This is the day Michelle became the First Lady – how adorable.

6. Grandma Sarah Obama

 Barack Obama Obama works the sneakers as he smiles next to his grandma Sarah in Kenya. The president has always remained extremely close to his family.

7. Push Ups For The President

 Barack Obama Back in 2012 the famous figure proved he really is fit to be president at the Easter Egg Roll. He nailed those push ups!

8. Father Son Bonding

 Barack Obama Another photo that transports us back to the president’s childhood. Here he smiles with his father Barack Obama Sr.

9. Central Park

 Barack Obama Obama visits NYC as a teen, posing for this photo in Central Park. Who knew he’d later be in charge of the country?

10. Best Man

 Barack Obama He was best man for his brother Malik on his wedding day.

11. Family Photo In Kenya

 Barack Obama This is Barack Obama’s first ever visit to Kenya back in 1987. The president poses alongside his half-sister Auma, her mom Kezia, his half-brother Abongo and his step-grandmother Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama.

12. Grandpa Bonding

 Barack Obama Throwback to Barack has a child having fun on the beach with his grandpa. Little did they know he would grow up to be the US President.

13. Keeping His Family Connections

 Barack Obama During his time in the White House, Obama has continued to visit Kenya to keep his family connections strong. Here he smiles next to his aunt and grandma.

14. Grandma Obama

 Barack Obama Grandma Sarah is very proud of his achievements. It’s nice to see the president being so close to his family.

15. High School Shot

 Barack Obama Away from his political interests, Obama has always had a passion for basketball. But he’s probably embarrassed by this high school shot.

16. Carefree

 Barack Obama If he hadn’t gone on to become the president maybe he should’ve got a modelling contract?

17. Family Reminiscing

 Barack Obama The president’s older brother Mailk reminisces with this old picture of him and his brothers.

18. The Controversial ‘Muslim’ Snapshots

 Barack Obama These photos of Obama in Muslim garb caused a bit of a stir when they hit the media. People saw them as the president’s strong connection to the faith and believe they explain his reluctance to calling out radical Islams. They were in fact taken at his brother Malik’s wedding where everyone was in Muslim dress.

19. Chilled Out Time

 Barack Obama Way before he was running the country, Barack was a chilled out stylish young adult.

20. Enjoying A Smoke

 Barack Obama Who knew the US president liked to smoke?

21. A Sombre Mood

 Barack Obama Has the White House figure ever looked so cool?

22. White House Party

 Barack Obama The loved-up couple dance at a State Dinner held in the White House. The U.S. Marine Band provided the live music.

23. Time Out

 Barack Obama A rare photo of Mr and Mrs Obama taking some time out on the campaign trail.

24. Emotional

 Barack Obama The president let the tears flow as he watched a performance by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

25. Why So Serious?

 Barack Obama A rare shot of the icon looking serious in a school shot from his childhood in Hawaii.

26. Christmas Time With The Obamas

 Barack Obama Special memories as Obama spends Christmas with his mom and sister.

27. Working Hard

 Barack Obama Barack gives his grandma Sarah a rest and carries this huge bag of maize through their Kenyan hometown.

28. Community Work

 Barack Obama For some time, the US president used to do a lot of community management in Southside Chicago. He spent three years helping the locals find jobs and obtain stable lives.

29. Welcome Home

 Barack Obama The people of Kenya show their respect for Barack Obama with this sign to welcome him back to their country, at the Kibera division in Nairobi, Kenya.

30. Back To His Family Roots

 Barack Obama The Kenya lifestyle is so different to what he’s used to at the White House.

31. Family Fun

 Barack Obama Obama and his brothers and cousins hang out on the streets of Kenya.

32. Mama & Son

 Barack Obama Sadly, Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham passed away in 1995 after suffering from cancer. We are sure she’d be proud of him growing up to become the U.S. president.

33. Bumper Cars

 Barack Obama Barack’s face doesn’t look too confident as he drives his daughter Sasha around the fun fair ride.

34. Paying Respect To Kenya

 Barack Obama The president shows his support to the people of Kenya whilst visiting the memorial for the 1988 bombings of the American embassy.

35. Smoking In Kenya

 Barack Obama Obama enjoys a smoke whilst back his Father’s home country.