This 15 Beauty Mistake Repeated Eviction Put Your Galaxy!


Often caught in the morning rush hour subway played like Sadako makeup, blush painted like a monkey ass, wiping his lips like a vampire child quiet beauty, a look or playfully or shame to shoot through the windows of subway reflective quietly enjoying himself. Whenever they see such a scenario, will the sleepy small series scared sober moment, and then enter silently Tucao OS mode.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Do not blame us too harsh, although this is a place where everybody can be an era when the make-up people, but more clearly still in its infancy sister refined doctrine. They know that in this world should have a good look at the face of the unwinding ordered himself, may accidentally use too much force, it became a shocking landscape.

The new year also came, and I wish you the old and a one year old at the same time, IQ can not steadily backwards. Below this 15 Beauty mistake, recidivism put you expelled galaxy!

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

[Makeup articles]

Error 1: omission makeup dead

Some people like to play makeup and bright white, but the hairline and neck junction and other places in the streaker was always expansive state, forming a sharp dividing line. All details of the decision, before deciding to do it next time, first bangs down, scarf up!

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error two: hands and face have color

Some people face fine, tall and slim, but once transferred to the sight of her covered with coarse black veins of the hand. . . Pro! Will you be the Tianshan tong lao here? People Korean female group SNSD even photographed each thigh still applying foundation it! Out the door next time remember to use BB cream also coated to hand Oh!

Glo & Ray Rui Yun Yan Symphony light liquid foundation

Innovative Water in Smoothie Gel Emulsion System technology, making Symphony Yun Yan liquid foundation has velvet texture, just a little to quickly achieve the perfect makeup. Specially Micro-Shine Particle sense of light particles, gently modified pores, brighten skin natural background. Concealer height, perfect skin blemishes modification, just like a natural ceramic-like transparent skin.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error three: too much makeup piled

Which just wandered makeup counter, BA will spare no effort to sell you home from her isolation, ornaments Yan milk, liquid foundation, loose powder, concealer, highlights a range of products.But completely unnecessary normal day with a full foot, after all we are no layers of makeup makeup artist can draw to the ability of like nothing. Instead use too much makeup products will only make you look like wearing a mask so strange! Daily commute, then you only need to pick a few most critical steps, and will focus on makeup T -zone and under the eyes, the skin in other parts of the transition can be.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error for: the makeup in the wrong light

Many people have such feelings, obviously makeup at home when feeling well, but to the outdoor one look dumbfounded, how to paint so thick? ! So to the makeup in the right light, natural light near a window of the best, in order to avoid embarrassment.

Anna Sui Anna Sui Magic muscle density light Run Foundation SPF20 PA ++

Send revolutionary powder foundation to build as air soft glowing beautiful skin is different from natural-looking finish liquid foundation and powder patterns, add a lot of very fine powder soft touch, and moisturizing ingredients to form a thin film on the skin balanced, even The reason is probably caused by dry anti- UV powder coating technology also made reservoir, obedient without feeling moist pink loose powder into the skin as smooth as extended.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error 5: concealer to cover only a

You just use concealer to cover dark circles where ? it would be wrong ! smear within the triangular area under the eyes even weaken the edge, this will look natural enough.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error Six: Shadow stiff no hierarchy

To tell the truth, unless it is the studio shooting, if you want in life by shadow powder to cover the meat toot your cheeks, the effect can only be trying to hide something. After all, pictures can show only plane angle, but in reality you have the 3D image of the show is not? If you really want to use, remember to weaken the edge, this will look natural enough.

Estee Lauder Estee Lauder makeup concealer trace holding honey SPF10

Step after use liquid foundation, concealer locally, creating a flawless finish. Mineral-rich light and creamy texture, 15 -hour hold makeup without drying. Recipe moisture resistance, resistance to water, anti-sweat, holding makeup flawless all day.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

[ makeup tools articles]

Error Seven: clean up brushes

Once we all do this deep sense of guilt, because one part is clean makeup brushes teachers say they must have a job! Okay, but now you need not up. Because the used brushes dipped ablation cosmetic products, which makes when the makeup is not obvious smear marks, more natural looking results! The only thing you have to do is shake them a little after use.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error Eight: Tu good mascara eyelash curler and then

This is totally the wrong approach, having a good mascara lashes will be relatively heavy and stiff. If the consequences of this case is likely to cause the eyelash curler eyelash is falling along with them, even if did not fall, caught out angle is also very rigid straight to the upturned, no beauty at all.

BOBBI BROWN Bobbi extravagant feast of Chinese mining mini brushes 7 Piece Set

Dinner exclusive makeup artist brushes once full ownership. Also portable, different kind of luxury. Include: foundation brush, blush brush, smudge eye shadow brush, eye shadow brush dip, versatile eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, eyebrow brush.


2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Eye [articles]

Error Nine: daily use waterproof mascara

If your eyes do not love or do not touch the water out of the oil, then the waterproof mascara is not recommended for regular use. Because he was dry and hard waterproof mascara remover eyelash very hurt in the process remover will increase the risk of loss of eyelashes!

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error ten: Flash eyeshadow face painted

A few years ago the Japanese affected by the wave of Bling Bling, are favored by many sister sparkly eye shadow, but if for silty poor, resulting in the fly eye shadow powder face, then looked not a little bit of Low oh! Flash type the correct use of eye shadow should use a small brush to swirl the way to play in the eyelids, eye makeup head, so do not fly too glitter all over his face it!

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error XI: use mascara has dried

Mascara can be described as the fastest doing makeup products, but many are not willing to throw my sister because often continue to use. Leaving aside the makeup brush out how, and when you do not use mascara eyelash brush when tantamount to each eyelash hard to pull out, the consequences can be imagined myself, itself is not thick eyelashes sister even pay attention.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Nail [articles]

Error Twelve: Nail is not on the armor oil

Why he painted nails easily crumbled into a nail shop a while will not do it? Mystery in the armor oil. Oil-based armor like to wear a layer of nail coat, not only adhere to the time will be longer, but also to properly isolate the adverse effects of the chemical composition of nail polish on the body.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error Thirteen: Resurrection often use water

Resurrection of the chemical composition of the water inside the nail will become dry, brittle, several times its chemical toxicity is common nail polish! This is why a good nail salon will be used instead of Resurrection rasp nail polish to remove residual water.

DEJAVU FIBERWIG bright Resurrection oil cream

Bright Resurrection oil cream can effectively remove nail polish colors, but to nourish A face, so keep nails beautiful.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

[ articles] Lips

Error fourteen: beyond lip lip edge painting

Unless you want to draw an 8 0 ‘s retro makeup, otherwise the paint will make lip color lip looks fake, but pay attention to the lip distinct trend has long been OUT it! Now the most popular is as vague as Yaochun lip makeup.

2015 You can not repeat the mistake Beauty 15

Error five: makeup products with long

If your shadow never replaced used for several years, then, please, please throw away! These Beauty products also have a shelf life, ranging from a few months to two years, after a period of product ingredients, traits will change not say, but also easily lead to allergies, not worth the candle.

Rich color saturation, loaded precious jewel-like packaging, the day showing your lips are soft as velvet makeup.