The Photos Donald Trump Doesn’t Like You To See


Donald Trump has always been rich. Over the last couple decades he has become more famous thanks to reality TV. Now this guy is running for president! No matter who you decide to vote for, make sure you get out there and do it! In the meantime, check out 35 pictures Donald Trump doesn’t want you to see…

Friends Of The Family

At the time, it seemed natural for Donald Trump to invite the then-president Clinton and the First Lady to his third wedding to Melania. It looks like they are having a good time.trump - clintons

Long Lost Friends

Well, well look what we have here. Apparently these two have history beyond the 2016 election. Hopefully they can play nice again soon.trump - hillary

Where Should I Sign?

According to this Trump fan, anywhere is perfectly fine! Thank goodness she did not pull her shirt down a little farther, but it looks like Donald Trump would not be against it.trump - signing woman

Donald Trump And The Bunnies

Some of you may think it is pretty cool that the potential president is hanging out with these beautiful women. Others also think it is awesome to lie to your friends about how much you score…trump - bunnies

On The Cover

We all know Donald Trump is filthy rich, but if he had no money than he would be just plain filthy! He seriously has no shame in his game.trump - magazine

Hold Onto Your Hats (And Hair!)

Donald Trump will forever be known for his orange skin in crazy hair. That comb-over look is doing nothing for him, especially on a windy day.trump - hair

This Should Be Public Outcry, Right?

While everyone has an opinion about standing, kneeling, or sitting during the national anthem, take a look at Donald Trump here during the Pledge of Allegiance.trump - pledge

The Worst Supporting Actor

Do you remember the 1989 flop Ghosts Can’t Do It? Yeah, neither do we. Well it was so bad that Donald Trump earned a Razzie award for his terrible performance.trump - razzie

An Inappropriate Kiss

Miss America Olivia Culpo won Miss America and went on to be crowned Miss Universe, too. Donald Trump clearly had to get a piece of the action.trump - miss universe

How Greedy Of You

Donald Trump does not like Muslims, unless they are equally as rich and powerful as him, in which case, they can do business and count their money together.trump - muslim

Mr. And Mrs.

Donald Trump sure has a lot to say about immigrants, except for when it comes to his beautiful, foreign wife. Is this the type of First Lady you want in charge of your country?trump - wife

Trump Is A Big Meanie

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is this one telling you? Donald Trump likes to point fingers.trump - mean

Turn Up

It is typical for rich, old guys to constantly surround themselves by beautiful women. Look at Trump hanging out with all of these ladies all of the time!trump - party

That Hair Though

You know we had to throw in another hair picture. If we are talking about Donald Trump, it is quite necessary. Sit back and laugh.trump - toupee

Behaving Badly

Not only is Donald Trump wearing a cheap and hideous flannel shirt, but he looks like he is up to no good. Who is this mystery woman?trump - flanel

A Four-Letter Word That Starts With ‘F’

We can only imagine what Donald Trump is saying here. He is surrounded by people who probably do not favor his viewpoints. Does he seem to care about the people?trump - mexicans

They Will Skip Off Into The Sunset Next

Do you remember when Jeb Bush and Donald Trump awkwardly tried to high-five, but ended up holding hands instead? It was as unusual as it seems…trump - holding hands

Pucker Up, Buttercup

This photo makes him pecking Miss Universe on the cheek innocent as can be! Jeeze, Donald, we already know you cheat on your wives so please just stop.trump - kiss

He Needs To Grow Up

Only a mother could love a face like this! Seriously though, he looks like a baby standing in the corner to poop instead of trying to use the toilet.trump - face

A Man Servant

This is actually a photo some of us may like: Donald Trump giving back and helping others. However, he does not want you to see this because it is quite beneath him and his bank roll.trump - serving

And The Winner Is…

Donald Trump has notoriously been the right hand man when it comes to Miss anything pageants. We are pretty sure nobody had to twist his arm to do this job.trump - girls

Strike A Pose

When it comes to topics like healthcare and taxes, we certainly hope Donald Trump takes a better stance on them than this one!trump - pose

Eyes Up

Donald Trump got caught checking out some pageant girls. No surprise there. He is not loyal to anything in this world except for money!trump - staring

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Are you getting tired of seeing Donald Trump with young, beautiful women? It is clear to see why he thinks about women in the manner he does…trump - wwe

Does He Own A Mirror?

What would you call this look? Potato Chin perhaps because his orange face looks like a potato and that angle is giving him a double chin.trump - stupid

Finger Licking Good

Hooters has some good chicken wings, but a lot of people feel it is a controversial restaurant for obvious reasons. Donald Trump does not seem to care.trump - hooters

He’s A Bully

Who can’t forget the time presidential hopeful Donald Trump publicly made fun of Serge Kovaleski by making hand gestures that mock his disability.trump - bully

Caught On Camera

Donald Trump tried to air kiss his running mate Mike Pence in 2016 and ended up looking like he should be fighting for equal rights instead…trump - mike pence

Plug Your Ears

If this man wins the election, what do you think the outcome will be like? Probably a lot of yelling and combing.trump - yelling

Daddy’s Girl

Donald Trump clearly loves his daughter, Ivanka just as any good father should. We are just going to leave this here…trump - daughter

Body Language

This picture speaks volumes. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but it is hard to not assume things.trump - body language

You’re Welcome

Okay, this is the last one! Get this guy a pony tail holder so he can put that thing in a man bun.trump - windy

Up Yours

The photographer that captured this image needs an award. Donald Trump shows his true colors for everyone to see.trump - ugly

Sausage Fest

Little fingers or not, it is about time we have different genders and races involved with politics!trump - fingers