The Only Sell 5 USD Global Lowest Mobile Phone Makes IndiansInstantly “Crazy”


The global economy is on the fast track speed is still the most Indians love bargains”. In order to seize the smart mobile phone market in India, India local mobile phone manufacturers launched a high-profile actual price as long as 5$ ultra low-cost smart mobile phone. This morning, only sold in the online sales of mobile phone seems to have been “robbing explosion”, the official website of collapse.

The Only Sell 5 USD Global Lowest Mobile Phone Makes Indians Instantly "Crazy"

The world’s most low-cost mobile phone website collapse

India local mobile phone manufacturer Ringing Bells launched the reedom 251 intelligent mobile phone in India local time today at 6 a.m. initially released, the official price of less than 500 rupees, about 8$.

However, there is no minimum, only lower. In order to give the world’s low-cost mobile phone campaign, the mobile phone manufacturers made a full page advertisement in the “India times” today on the front page, the real price is marked as long as 251 rupees! 251 rupees, about 5$.

The smart mobile phone configuration: 4 inch display, 1GB ram, 8GB storage space (can be extended to 32GB), a 3 million 200 thousand pixel camera (with front and rear camera), Android 5.1, support the 3G network, the online sales only.

7 local time in India on the morning of 18, working in India Chinese Luo (a pseudonym) in the circle of friends issued a state that India is the cheapest 251 rupees this morning local time, 6 intelligent mobile phone released, but how also not on the website. Network diagnosis shows: “the current site access number or network failure, please try again later.” As of press time former newspaper reporter, the site is still unable to resume operations.

The Only Sell 5 USD Global Lowest Mobile Phone Makes Indians Instantly "Crazy"

India culture: the lower the price the better?

Freedom 251 will focus on the low-end mobile phone has been dominated by the India mobile phone market. According to the Associated Press reported that the mobile phone’s spokesman said: “this is our flagship model, we believe that it will bring about a revolution in mobile phone industry.”

At present, the India local mobile phone manufacturers to import parts from overseas, and assembled into a machine in India. The spokesman said the company plans to achieve the localization of production within a year.

Ringing Bells is just a few months ago, the company set up. As the new mobile phone market in India, the company in addition to the ultra low-cost mobile phone, had also introduced a cheap 4G smartphones, priced at 2999 India rupees (about 44$).

After the “First Financial Daily” the reporter visits India, India business association secretary general Li Jian told reporters: “there is a culture in India, it is good enough, so the Indians want to price as low as possible, can function as long enough. This also explains why China products are often sold in India is low because of the small commodity trade between China and India is not by Chinese traders or manufacturers to dominate, but by the India businessmen to lead. The merchant of India is very clear India domestic demand, so the decision from Chinese purchasing the cheapest and most inferior things to sell to India, which caused a certain degree of Chinese goods are often cheap and low quality in India.”

In the intelligent mobile phone industry, the average sales price of India intelligent mobile phone market in 2014 was only $135, IDC expects this number may fall to $120 by 2018.

Cheap and corresponding to the huge sales market: India has 1 billion mobile phone users. The latest IDC data show that the fourth quarter of 2015, India total shipments of smart mobile phone 25 million 600 thousand units, an increase of 15.4%. In 2015 the India intelligent mobile phone shipments for the first time exceeded 100 million, reaching 103 million 600 thousand Taiwan, an increase of 28.8%.

Chinese mobile phone maker, Lenovo, millet and vivo are trying to seize the Indians love characteristics of “bargain” launched the low-end smart mobile phone, thus to cake market in India.

According to IDC market analyst Singer said that the fourth quarter of last year, China intelligent mobile phone manufacturers shipped in India increased by 71%.Singer said: “compared to other mobile phone, people are willing to choose China intelligent mobile phone for a few reasons: high quality, online retail discount rate, low high, 100 to $300 price of the mobile phone is even more so.”

These are the cheapest in the world “”

Love is such a cheap nation in history has created a lot of “the world’s most expensive”.

India’s Tata group specifically for the Indians to create the world’s cheapest car, mini car Nano. This was the cheapest car price is only $2000, about RMB 14 thousand yuan. Tata said this car is for families who can not afford to buy the car launched.

Of course, this is a most basic car, because it is equipped with a car and some of the most basic equipment, such as no air, no power steering nor electronic brake system.

This will become the “mini car national car” peak 75 thousand car sales in 2012, but in 2014 dropped to 22 thousand car, dragged down the Tata Group’s sales and profits.

So, Nano has changed the original location of cheaper models, to develop affordable car. From the point of view of the incident in India seems to be the only cheap is not enough.