Swimming Eliminate Calories While Shaping Thin Side


Swimming 1 hour = eliminate 1,000 calories, while shaping thin side!

You swim or not swim, the pool is there, lukewarm. This summer, let us not in the pool to a “minus” ghost convention!

Swimming 1 hour = eliminate 1,000 calories, while shaping thin side!

1, Immediately after the water to look for comfort body floating, two hands can water skiing, breathe in feel both comfortable relaxing than lying in bed when the water immediately;

2, When the water action to slow, to feel a sense of floating in the water body weight, more water and support the body’s sense of gravity on land. When swimming, the operating frequency is lower, in order to speed up the heartbeat is not limited, and the water to find sense. To be a sense of gravity and fatigue disappeared after the return to the water.

In this way, adhere to a few days, the original sense bulging belly will disappear, abdomen feel relaxed, but weight loss is not obvious.If you insist on three to five months, eating a little restraint, supplemented by one to two kilometers a day walking, weight naturally slow down.

Swimming to lose weight intermediate stage

After finding swimming to lose weight, you have to pay attention to posture and breathing with swimming, because the method does not swim, they can not effectively lose weight.

1, Breaststroke weight loss is better, because in all the postures, the easiest to learn breaststroke, and Minato strong breaststroke section, exercise intensity is not large, for prolonged exercise. Of course, if you can swim breaststroke and freestyle & backstroke in combining so much the better, it is a good rest some muscle, relieve fatigue;

2, Swimming breathing is very important, because with or without participation of oxygen into the body for energy, a direct impact on the effect of fat consumption. To achieve weight loss goals swim, you must pay attention to breathing. Specific requirements are careful not to hold your breath too long, a rower once looked breathe, to take the initiative to breathe while swimming, it is better in the water call (spit) gas, after the head out of the water intake to the full, and pay attention to breathing have Rhythm;

Swimming ultimate weight loss phase

Swimming 1 hour = eliminate 1,000 calories, while shaping thin side!

To a deeper level, we have to enhance the strength to swim, to increase the frequency of swimming as a way to impact to a higher goal.

1, The beginning of training may be continuous swim three minutes, then rest for 1-2 minutes, then swim two times, each time is three minutes. Without much effort is completed, you can enter into the second phase: the average rate of uninterrupted swim for 10 minutes, a break of 3 minutes, conducted a total of three groups. If you still feel very relaxed, you can start each swim for 20 minutes until 30 minutes to each trip so far. If you feel the intensity increased too fast, you can follow your progress can accept. In addition, all the body’s glycogen 30-50 minutes before exercise to lose weight consumed at this time to spend after the consumption of fat. So every workout time at 1.5-2 hours better.

2, The frequency of the best swimming 3-5 times a week, so the body has time to recover, the best choice for the summer this time in the afternoon after work every day. Because swimming is relatively large physical exertion, if the physical exertion during the day swim will affect the work, and a relatively small pool of people at night.