Super Fat Woman Into A Yoga Master Body Bending Amazing


22 year old Dana Zengyin own body and self-esteem of overweight distress. “Back then, whenever I have any distressing thing, I went to eat. But now, I will only find out the yoga mat, start exercising.” Before practicing yoga, Dana very much doubt their abilities, feel body fat is too heavy, neither bending nor inverted. However, once again in progress, before the discovery of suspected Dana she did not need to, they have gone beyond the limits of time and again, “This is the meaning of my life.”

Now Dana life is full of longing and confidence. In her own yoga photos on the Internet soon after it attracted nearly 80,000 fans. Some netizens called her “mentor”, and some confused she called “whale.” In this regard, Dana does not care: “They think I am not important, I am me I believe I can be happy and meaningful life harvest With this faith, nothing can stand in my path… “