Statements Show That Rahul Gandhi Is Alia Bhatt Of Indian Politics


That is most likely the motto of the Pappu of Indian Politics, one who sleeps in Parliament, watches Chotta Bheem in his free time and offers Alia Bhatt a run for her cash, When he's not making an entire idiot of himself, he's making some completely (unintentionally) hilarious statements that will put Donald Trump to disgrace and make Rakhi Sawant shit bricks Such is the ability of Rahul Gandhi's lifeless mind cells, his mind-numbing, nauseating speeches that make Kamaal R. Khan's tweets seem like Gospel!

Gandhi appeared to say Jobs was "of Microsoft" when describing business leaders Indian students should follow, outlets reported. Jobs was a co-founder and CEO of Apple.

If Rahul's interview with Arnab Goswami in 2014 wasn't sufficient to damage his public picture, Rahul continued making enjoyable of himself by being dumber than wooden, (giving a tricky competitors to Laloo Prasad Yadav relating to being "Dumb Politician" and permitting himself to be caricaturized and turning into the butt of all jokes! Listed here are among the Dumbest statements made by Rahul Gandhi that might put Alia Bhatt to disgrace!

"Politics is in your pants and shirts!'

How lengthy is the politics in your pants? 6 Inches?

"Bhrashtachaar kiya. Sorry Sorry! Balaatkaar kiya!"

"Bhrashtachaar kiya. Sorry Sorry! Balaatkaar kiya!"

Haan, jaise tumne Indian Politics ka Balaatkaar kiya.

"Ladies ought to have superpowers"

"Women should have superpowers"

Clearly he is been watching Chotta Bheem an excessive amount of!

Rahul on eve-teasing

Rahul on eve-teasing

What about those that to go bars?

"This morning..I received up at evening"

Are you in a Christopher Nolan film Rahul? That is what occurs whenever you watch Inception (or as Varun Dhawan calls it, Dilwale) too many instances.

"India is the Saudi Arabia of Human Res"

"India is the Saudi Arabia of Human Resources"

And you're the Rakhi Sawant of Indian Politics.

Girls "Giving Milk" to Gujarat

Women "Giving Milk" to Gujarat

Soiled as it might sound, our expensive Pappu was referring to Amul when he mentioned: "These ladies have given Milk to Gujarat!"

"Steve Jobs of Microsofts in India"

"Steve Jobs of Microsofts in India"

Rahul Gandhi has a deadly humorousness, one that might make Steve Jobs flip in his grave.

Rahul was roasted on Twitter following this assertion

Rahul was roasted on Twitter following this statement

"Rahul Gandhi-India's reply to Donald Trump."