Sister Paper To Learn About These You Know The Sun Is Considered


Lead: Not since the beginning of summer, the sun becomes a problem how we most care about, not careful it will because a tan “BC Star”, in order to become good right sunscreen whitening Star, those issues with you today to talk about sunscreen , you understand these are considered to understand the sun.

Summer is here, how the sun became sister paper are most troubling time. It is to apply the sunscreen first coated or isolation, as well as how dressed up sunscreen, sunscreen various problems awesomeness let sister paper disoriented. Today, a one-time series compiled more clear.

1. The correct order of sunscreen, isolation, liquid foundation

They apply these sunscreen isolation order had doubts, mainly worried about the impact the ability of sunscreen or makeup. If you want best of both worlds, compiled code is recommended to use a combination of “+ sunscreen powder makeup”, that apply sunscreen after using the powder or loose powder makeup, so both to avoid the destruction of sunscreen film sunscreen effect and influence, but also to maximize It does not affect the makeup.

If you must spend isolation or foundation, it can give priority to applying sunscreen, consider a follow-up question on the makeup. But it may break when applied subsequent products sunscreen film, so do not rub too hard, and the best guarantee of a certain time interval. This will ensure the effective use of sunscreen products, but also to avoid rub mud. Finally, we recommend isolation Foundation BB cream or just choose one, do not apply too many layers after applying sunscreen.

2. How sun painted up

Sunscreen must pay attention to make coating, generally two hours up once more appropriate. Here you can separate the two cases, there are makeup and no makeup.

There are makeup, without selecting remover premise, you can do this:

. A first printed with a damp towel off excess oil, then erase spend makeup – Right now, nose, lips surrounding these positions easiest makeup and flowers makeup.

b. Reapply sunscreen, pay attention to tapping or push it open from the inside, rather than circular motion rub sunscreen ← correct way, oh.

c. In the parts make up makeup makeup, if you can sweep a layer of loose powder, makeup better.

No makeup, then make it a lot easier sunscreen:

a. with a damp paper towel or wet sponge to wipe the face of excess oil and sunscreen, not only feel more comfortable, and reduce pore clogging chance.

b. Depending on skin and environmental needs, painted up moisturizing lotion or oil control emulsion.

c. Reapply sunscreen.

Added: Sunscreen Spray is very convenient to use them also have a cool feeling, but also suggest that you first wipe the sweat wipe oil and then spray, face sticky, with even the bestsunscreen spray can not be comfortable ah.

3. The use of makeup products have SPF values, you also need to apply sunscreen?

If basically only in the room or in the morning on the way to work ten minutes of sun exposure a short period, then only with a lazy about sunscreen creamor makeup base is less of a problem. But if you need to walk outdoors during the daytime a long time, even take the bus, but also use plenty of sunscreen in order to obtain the best protection from the sun.

Because we do not apply the makeup or cream with SPF, you reduce the amount of sunscreen, sunscreen effect value and can not be superimposed! Makeup reach an amount substantially less marked effect of sunscreen, is the most likely method use a sufficient amount of a sufficient amount of a sufficient amount of sunscreen.

4. Only when it needs to go to the beach with a good waterproof sunscreen?

Not to say that only play in the water when it needs to select a good waterproof sunscreen, sweat also belongs to the need to prevent the water. Recommends that people who sweat easily in summer choose sunscreen when more attention to waterproof effect.

5. Tu sunscreen every day need it?

First, the need for attention to the sun all year round. Sometimes even the cloudy days, ultraviolet rays are very intense, especially in the fall, most likely to create the illusion without sunscreen.

Then, you must not use sunscreen every day. You can decide whether to use sunscreen according to the weather. All day rainy days, you can not apply sunscreen. The cloudy day and so when ultraviolet rays are not intense, with SPF15, PA ++ above Cream is a certain effect. Summer showers and more often in the morning like a dark night, and they put a large sunny afternoon, a sunny day, or go out to smear sunscreen oh.

6. Use a sunscreen makeup you need?

In simple terms, the use of sunscreen required without sunscreen you use depends on the makeup. Generally, SPF 30 or more sunscreen pushed the water insoluble, then, need to use makeup products clean. If you use a sunscreen wet water, that kind of discrete droplets effect that need makeup.

Finally PROGRAMMING want to say is: If you use a sunscreen also tan, sunscreen is not necessarily the fault of the right to use a good sunscreen, it will not make you white, but at least you can make sure it does not continue to turn black!! to the right there on the correct use of sunscreen sunscreen white steps to keep you going.