Secrets About Melania Trump You Like to Know


As Donald Trump continues along the political campaign trail, you can at times spot a pretty good looking lady at his side. This former model is Melania Trump, and here are a few well-kept secrets that we have uncovered about the potential next First Lady.

A Permanent Resident

Melania didn’t become a permanent resident of the United States until after her marriage to Donald Trump in 2006. Melania Trump

College Educated

The former model is more than just someone that is nice to look at. She studied at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia in architecture and design.College Educated

She Stays Quiet

For the most part, you won’t find Melania speaking out too much. She is more of an introvert and leaves the talking to her outspoken husband.She Stays Quiet

Giving Back

Melania does do more than just spend her husband’s riches. She is involved with a variety of charity groups including The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The American Red Cross, and the Police Athletic League.Giving Back

He Was Taken

When Melania and Donald first met, he was already dating someone else. That seems to be the way his love life goes, though.He Was Taken

How They Met

Before they were Mr. and Mrs., the pair were introduced at a fashion week party in 1998. He asked for her number, but she denied him because he was with someone else. He wouldn’t take no for answer, and gave her every number of his he had.How They Met

Gold Everywhere

She has the sole responsibility of decorating the many properties that she and her husband own. The condo located inside of Trump Towers is outfitted in 24-karat gold and marble.Gold Everywhere

She Knows What He Wants

The beauty allows Mr. Trump to run his campaign the way he wants. She does however speak up when someone debates the issues. When asked about the ban on Muslims, she responded with her knowledge of what Donald meant. She said not all Muslims, just a screening on those that are coming in.She Knows What He Wants

A Smart Business Woman

There’s no question that her husband gave her some tips when she launched her own jewelry line on QVC. Whatever he told her worked and she made a pretty good profit. She’s taken part in plenty other successful ventures along the way as well.A Smart Business Woman

She Stays Involved

Even though you don’t hear too much out of her, Melania says that she knows everything that is happening surrounding Donald’s campaign.She Stays Involved

Coming To America

Mrs. Trump didn’t move to the United States until the mid 1990’s. She wasn’t here long before Donald scooped her up. They were married at his mansion in 2005.Coming To America

She’s Internationally Known

The potential First Lady is no doubt a traveled woman. She lived in Milan, Italy when she was 18. She was frequently spotted in Paris during her early years too.She’s Internationally Known

Money Is No Object

It helps to say that money is no object when you are married to one of the richest people in the country. Melania spent somewhere around $1 million on their wedding.Money Is No Object

Only The Best For Her

She wasn’t going to settle for just any old wedding singer. She hired Billy Joel for their nuptials.Only The Best For Her

Baron Comes First

Even though she supports her husband in his run for President, she remains a dedicated mother to their son Baron, age nine. She said no matter what happens, she will make sure she can be home for him.Baron Comes First


The New York Times asked her what kind of First Lady she would be. She stated she would like to be a supportive one like Jackie Kennedy or Betty Ford.Traditional

She’s Bilingual

With the many places she has gone, Melania has picked up four different languages. She can speak German, Serbian, French, and English, in addition to her native Slovenian.She’s Bilingual

Gracing The Cover

Her former job put her on the covers of some pretty well-known magazines. She has spots on Glamour, GQ, Vanity Fair, andVogue.Gracing The Cover

No Nanny In Her House

She will not allow a nanny to help her in the raising of Baron. She insists on doing it all on her own.No Nanny In Her House

She’s A Fashionista

Melania never goes lightly when it comes to her wardrobe. She is always seen dressed to impress.She’s A Fashionista

Age Doesn’t Matter

At 46-years-old, she is actually closer in age to her husband’s eldest son, Donald Jr., than to Donald Sr. There is just seven years separating them while there is nearly 30 between the happy couple.Age Doesn’t Matter

They Argue

She has said in an interview that they are like all married couples. She doesn’t always agree with everything her husband says and the same goes for him.They Argue

Not Very Popular

Surprisingly, Mrs. Trump isn’t doing too well in the ratings for potential First Ladies. To find someone that did as bad as she is doing now you would have to go back to, oh who was it? Oh yea, Hillary Clinton.Not Very Popular

She’s A Step-Mom

She didn’t just marry the man, he came with four other kids. She knew that Donald had kids from two different women, but it didn’t stop her from going down the aisle.She’s A Step-Mom

Born Abroad

In the event Mr. Trump is elected president, Melania will be only the second woman to ever hold the First Lady position that wasn’t born in the States. John Quincy’s wife, Louisa Adams was the first.Born Abroad

She Grew Up In A Tower

The tower that she grew up in cannot be compared to the luxurious Trump Towers she is so familiar with today. In Yugoslavia, she was raised in a concrete structure under the rule of the dictator Tito.She Grew Up In A Tower

She Followed The Rules

Many people criticize Donald on his immigration stance considering his wife is an immigrant. She doesn’t hesitate to correct the haters by reminding them that he is speaking of “illegal immigrants” and she became a citizen following the laws.She Followed The Rules

A Family Secret

She has a half-brother that was kept a secret. Her father had a son with another woman before marrying her mother.A Family Secret

No More Tweets

One thing that she wishes her husband would do is stop tweeting. She thinks he goes a little overboard at times, and she isn’t afraid to tell him.No More Tweets

Communist Roots

This is the only wife of a potential president that grew up in a Communist nation. Her father was a member of the Slovenian Communist Party.Communist Roots


Donald’s opponent Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton attended their wedding among the rest of the 350 person guest list. Funny how things change so quickly.Frenemies

She’s Not Shy

During an interview with Howard Stern, things took a turn. When he asked her what she was wearing she simply stated, “Not much.”She’s Not Shy

She Was A Model

Okay, so this really isn’t a secret, but still an interesting topic surrounding Melania. It really is no surprise that Donald married her considering his laundry list of model girlfriends.She Was A Model

She Started Working At 5

Something that Donald is no doubt attracted to is her work ethic. She got her first modeling gig at age five, and by 16 she was a familiar face in many professional commercial spots.She Started Working At 5

She Posed Nude

Before she met the Republican Presidential candidate, she posed nude for a men’s magazine. It’s safe to say she’s the only potential First Lady that’s ever done that.She Posed Nude