Red carpet bombed again! Card Daishan Lei Hana fight


To say that this year’s hottest accessories, must ultimately Choker (collar). Although already popular with everyone too, small series could not help again informed about, again near the end Choker star red carpet bombed, and gold – Kardashian, Serena, Rihanna and other big wave fashion butterfly Le neck appearances, wild wind, refined style, metal rings, gemstone rings …… Choker become everyone concave shape must-have item.

Choker literally choking, shackles meaning, refers to the length in the shorter college jewelry accessories, fitting neck collars, necklaces. It is located above the collarbone, the same as the collar tightly fitting neck, history is very long, it can be traced back to the French Revolution. Choker generally tend to cool handsome, rebellious, but with evolving trends, Choker also have amazing style, relaxed Dachu various fashionable STYLE.

Actor Jaime King December 14 to attend the “Star Wars: The Force awakening” Hollywood premiere, silver, black color with white dresses chain Choker, there is no Star Wars science fiction that is visual sense.

December 11, 2015 Billboard Women Music party, Selena Gomez (SelenaGomez) wearing a silver sequined suspenders feather dress, with a simple delicate metal Choker debut.

The same field as well as pop singer DemiLovato, metal wind Choker with deep V black suit, cool handsome type.

Fashion bloggers Kristina Bazan December 10 to attend the second session of Diamond Ball, also chose the sparkling wide Choker.

This is a typical Choker enthusiasts, before attending the event also worn this brand ribbon Choker.

December 10, BBC Music Awards (SCMusicAwards) held, Jess Glynne wear deep V vest sexy appearance, wearing the double ring golden collar Choker, also comes with aura.

Patients with severe addiction is another Choker gold – Kardashian, following all of her post-pregnancy shape.

Yellow diamond, white diamond with a key shape pendant Choker, gorgeous lady wind

BLINGBLING diamond wide Choker, sparkling touching Queen Fan

Choker dense mass of African tribes wind, Xiao Bian also looked a little crazy

As well as Rihanna people crazy, October 7, Rihanna (Rihanna) attend the new album “ANTI” launch event. She was wearing a collar, round earrings, wearing a black satin robe straps, foot word with sandals, female version of cattle devil is too steal the spotlight.

Finally, the United States offer more stars Choker photos, you wish you can also catch up with this stylish shares Choker hurricane.