Oranges Can Whiten! Peel Peel Jun Efficacy You Make It


Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
Fruit leather will affect the taste of the fruit, so many people do not eat the skin, choose to hide away. However, many nutrient-rich fruit peel, orange peel like whitening, phlegm, cough, apple can be anti-aging. Following these fruits are very powerful skin care function, the next encounter with skin or eat it.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
1, pear skin
Kidney yin
Lipi is a high medicinal value of Chinese medicine, can be pure heart and lungs, down as fluid, but also has the effect of Kidney yin. Wash the Lipi chopped, add sugar water served stew to treat cough. When you put homemade pickles point Lipi, make pickles and more brittle, but also more delicious.
2, lemon peel
The skin moist and smooth
The lemon peel soak in the bath, not only can the water issue fragrant scent, and lemon peel oil and nutrients contained can moisturize the skin. As often with lemon peel and hands, feet or other parts of the rough skin, can gradually make the skin becomes delicate, lubrication.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
3, watermelon rind
Send fire down
For refreshing thirst, detoxification, better than the West watermelon flesh. Chinese medicine with watermelon and melon juice medicine dubbed the “watermelon Chui Yi”, with Qingre, Xiehui Chufan, lower blood pressure and other effects of anemia , dry throat, lip, cystitis, ascites, nephritis have a certain effect .
Beauty Skin Care
In addition, because watermelon is rich in vitamin C, E, rub the skin with it, or will it mash paddle applied to the skin, wait 10-15 minutes after the wash with water, there is nourishing, skin rejuvenation, skin and the role of prevention Rush boil.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
4, grapefruit skin
Qi and phlegm, cough, asthma
Grapefruit edible skin, a broken Peel grapefruit, plus the amount of honey or caramel steamed rotten, plus a small amount of hot wine, sooner or later, a spoonful taken orally, can cure cough and asthma. Decoction with grapefruit skin, can phlegm, digestion, Dingchuan, just colic.
Inflammatory acne
Grapefruit skin contains essential oils can be extracted to make fragrances, cosmetics, but also extracts the bactericidal substances. Flavonoids naringenin contained in the anti-inflammatory effect is obvious, specific conditioning effect on inflammatory acne,
Rich grapefruit skin contains pectin, there is beauty effect.
To smell
The grapefruit skin on the kitchen cupboard, refrigerator can vary except the smell.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
5, banana peel
Treatment of skin diseases
Banana peel contains a banana skin pigment, can treat fungal and bacterial skin infections caused by pruritus. The banana peel pounded ginger can add anti-inflammatory pain. Hand, foot rub with banana peel, can prevent chapped, frostbite.
Intestines heal
There are only polydipsia banana skin, lungs and intestines, blood, by the essence of the other effects. In addition, it can treat high blood pressure, stroke disease prevention. Banana peel extract is rich in serotonin, helping to alleviate depression .
Skin Care
The banana peel or dried and ground into powder to protect the skin’s beauty to share.
Protect your eyes
Banana peel in the lutein cells can protect the eyes from UV damage.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
6, apple
Apple pectin and rich in dietary fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis. Which is also rich in vitamin C, anthocyanins and other polyphenols, which has strong antioxidant activity, can resist aging.
The treatment of various diseases
Convergence effect. Use it decoction or tea, can cure hyperacidity, phlegm; it dried into powder, fasting transfer service for chronic diarrhea and nervous colitis, hypertension and other diseases have a certain effect; will soak into the apple boiling water, as a tea to drink, for bronchitis problems with good effect.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
7, orange peel and orange peel
Phlegm Jiangni
Orange peel and orange peel are good herbs, dried and stored, if the emergence of the phenomenon of cough, phlegm, can remove the right amount of orange peel soaked in water to drink, can effectively Jiangni phlegm.
Digestion and stomach
Orange peel and orange peel in addition phlegm, but also play a role in digestion. Citrus marinated market sales is the use of orange peel and orange peel digestion effect, it made Jianwei Xiaoshi small snacks.
Mediastinoscopy rule qi stagnation
Orange peel and orange peel with good qi and phlegm effect, so the situation chest qi stagnation, drink tea with orange peel or orange peel can play good results.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
Hair Beauty
The orange peel or orange peel into the hot water, use it to wash your hair can make hair smooth and soft. Also can be used to wash the orange peel and orange peel, the skin whitening effect.
Fresh and refreshing
Orange peel and orange peel contains large amounts of essential oils, incense exudes a touch of orange, with fresh air, refreshing refreshing effect. Especially in a confined space, the effect is more obvious, such as a long car ride, if you can put a few slices of motion sickness orange peel in the side.
Appetizer ventilation
Orange peel and orange peel soaked in water or tea, taste, fragrance, but also appetizers, ventilation.
Oily solution
Do when you put a few pieces of orange peel or orange peel broth, to make Flavored more fresh, and reduce greasy.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
8, grape skin
Wrinkle Beauty
Grape skin is rich in cellulose, pectin and iron, can wrinkle beauty, so rosy.
Buck increase immunity
Grape skins contain meat and richer than grape seed resveratrol, with lowering blood pressure, anti-thrombotic, prevent arteriosclerosis, enhance immunity and so on. Especially grapes skin flavonoids, as well as lower blood pressure effect. Now people began to study the use of grape Piga processed food, for the treatment of high cholesterol, and diabetes.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
9, tomato skin
Prevention of cancer and improve immunity
Lycopene is the antioxidant capacity of the strongest natural substances ever discovered, can prevent cardiovascular disease, improve immunity, prevent cancer, the most abundant in the tomato skin.
Maintain intestinal health
Tomato skin with dietary fiber-based, after eating helps maintain intestinal health. Therefore, tomato skin to eat the most nutritious.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
10, dragon fruit leather
Dragon fruit peel contains very valuable nutrients – anthocyanins. Anthocyanin is a potent antioxidant, 10 times stronger than the above-carotene, in human blood and can save the active 75 hours.
Disease prevention
Pitaya skin can protect the body from harmful substances – free radical damage and help prevent a variety of diseases associated with free radicals.
Pitaya can enhance skin elasticity of blood vessels, protect arterial wall, lowering blood pressure.
Pitaya skin can enhance the skin’s smoothness, beauty skin.
Prevention of inflammation
Pitaya skin may inhibit inflammation and allergies, improve joint flexibility, prevent arthritis.
Improve vision
Pitaya skin cells can promote retinal rhodopsin regeneration, improve vision; also has anti-radiation effect and so on.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
11, pomegranate rind
Cure diarrhea dysentery
“Materia Medica prepared to” and reads: “sour and warm; can astringents; only Xie Li of blood.” Pomegranate peel can be used as medicine, pomegranate rind very astringent taste, mainly contains tannin, attending diarrhea, white diarrhea, collapse with prolapse embolism. With a little pomegranate Piga alum decoction fumigation, can cure prolapse. 30 grams of water to cook with pomegranate rind, sugar Beverage, can cure diarrhea, dysentery.
Suppression kill germs
Pomegranate rind with convergence, Shigella, Salmonella bacteria have the ability to kill suppression.
Orange can be white!  Peel Peel Jun efficacy you make it
12, pineapple skin
Huwei anticancer
Pineapple (remove the outside part of the sting) in addition to rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C beyond which bromelain can break down food, remove dead tissue in the digestive tract, with Huwei anti-cancer effect. Besides content bromelain in pineapple pulp twice.
Dietary advice: remove part of the pineapple skin prick hand, after drinking juice with skin; or lower pineapple Peel, wash and put in the pot and add water to boil and cook to fade, made of pineapple drinking water.