New Year’s welfare: NBA goddess 2016 calendars offer


 New year's day benefits: NBA goddess of the 2016 in the calendar

January - Kate Upton

Milk shake supermodel Upton now bursting with popularity, she is Nicks's fans, have been to Madison Square Garden to help Nicks, and Kevin - Durant, Blake - Griffin scandal.

 New year's day benefits: NBA goddess of the 2016 in the calendar

February - Jessica - Alba

Alba is Kobe's goddess, Kobe was infatuated with Alba.Alba's husband Cash Warren is a former NBA star Byron - Davies's classmate, so the past can often see Alba coming out of NBA.

 New year's day benefits: NBA goddess of the 2016 in the calendar

March - Scarlett - Johansson

Scarlett is Durant's favorite, Durant said the goddess Scarlett willing to drink bath water. But luohua youyi Carrie Jos on Durant's human feeling is like running water, love no response.

Kardashian - Gold

April - Kardashian - Gold

Chris Henry Vries's ex-wife Kardashian is always a hot topic character, her name perennial occupy Google search list of top position.

May - Megan - Fawkes

Because Fawkes starred in "Transformers" fame, sexy index baopeng. Blake Griffin had an interview, when asked about the goddess, the first name is Fawkes Griffin.


June - Beyonce

Beyonce and NBA are inextricably linked, her husband JayZ is former boss of the nets, Beyonce I have been in the all star weekend as guest performers.

An Jiali - Dave Rana

July - An Jiali - Dave Rana

The king boss Li Jia Jinan 1000 appearance and stature are very outstanding, and love in social media sun shine, quickly became the network Reds fans much sought after.

Abby Hornacek

August - Abby Hornacek

Abby is the sun coach Geoff - Hornacek's daughter, recently came into the spotlight, with many private photos exposed, many users have been impressed by her beauty.

Alisa - dush

September - Alisa - dush

Many top in the list of sexy actress Alisa was born in Boston, is naturally the Celtics fans, but her current boyfriend is former Lakers player Rick Fawkes.

Zhan Na Kendall

October - Zhan Na Kendall

The Kardashian family's sister became the main model of famous underwear brand "Victoria's Secret", greatly overshadowed the limelight sister potential, she was Chandler Parsons's gossip girl.


November - Rihanna

Many NBA stars are unceasingly to Rihanna admiration, including Barnes and Matt en bide, but they are not in Rihanna's plans.

Hope - Dora Qi Ke

December - Hope - Dora Qi Ke

Kidd former girlfriend Hope was the cheerleaders, "dandy" was selected as the 2011 annual global one of the most sexy actress