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Chest massage

First, 21:00 to 23:00 at night lights bedtime. There are five people in one day sleep peak. The first peak is 23:00 pm. After the miss, only the first two peaks — 2:00 asleep, more importantly, the arrival of the peak during sleep, the ability of the immune system to repair itself strongest. If you can not fall asleep before 23:00, easily lead to immune system decline and induce disease.
Second, the early morning barefoot or wear sandals walking in the grass yellow ground 15-30 minutes. A lot of people every day through contact with electrical, electromagnetic body ingestion. Walk barefoot or wear sandals, electromagnetic waves can be excreted by the body feet conduction.
Third, thymus hand rubbing 200 times per day. Thymus from the neck down between the clavicle depression for about four finger widths below the distance.Fist grip hollow body rub back and forth on both sides of the thymus can enhance immunity.
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What benefit women Zimo chest

In fact, most women have fibrocystic, but often it is because a lot of people know that the cyst is a common problem, so even feel his cyst is not so got the idea, but fibrocystic benign and malignant points, is also very easy and mastitis,breast cancer confusion, coupled as common, common, and slowly it will turn a blind eye, so to say, fibrocystic never was able to ignore the situation, to care for themselves, they should have the courage to face up to their problems, not Because shy and suffer in silence.
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Zimo assay health

An observation
Standing, arms hanging put on both sides to observe the shape of the breast, whether normal curved contour becomes irregular, there is no orange peel-like small pits, or have a small lacuna, the availability of liquid when squeezed from the nipple overflow.
2, Zimo
First touch the breasts, touching their arms, with the middle finger and index finger of the pulp, along the direction of a comprehensive examination of the breast.
3, supine examination
Lying in bed, with the nipple as the center, clockwise loop close to the skin to do massage with the pulp. Inspection force should be uniform, in order to be able to touch your finger down to the ribs is appropriate.
4, under the right arm on the head
Arm following breast tissue will move to the center of the chest with his left hand to the right to check whether a breast lump, a little harder when touched, so that your hands will be close to the breast tissue and easier to touch. The same method to check on the left breast.
In addition to the regular Zimo, but also to make friends, love to help you feel, may from time to time rummage better find the problem.
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By others “touch the chest,” What are the benefits

Many women have such a misunderstanding that mass but hurt does not itch, no problem, just feel the pain of the possible problem, but it seems gynecologist, hurt not itch breast lumps appear on the breast but can not be taken lightly.
Painless breast lump happens to be one of the characteristics of breast cancer, so that must not be taken lightly. In general, breast lumps accompanied by inflammation caused by localized swelling and heat expansion, proliferation of mass there menstrual pain characteristics before and breast lumps early in no obvious pain, not even feeling, Pain symptoms appear only to the late local skin ulceration when, and this time is often too late.
So, much so that friends and loved ones to help you feel it, if you can touch the superficial lumps, fortunately do not think that is a benign cyst, it is possible that this is a small bomb breasts – to give you the first issue of breast cancer warnings.
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Fibrocystic early detection

Daily touched aware “alert” benign fibrocystic breasts the most common, with 18-25 year-old young women the most common. Generally, fibrocystic rarely malignant lesions, some may develop into a sarcoma, but into breast cancer cases are rare.
Fibrocystic most notable feature is the breast lumps, but most of the time only one lump this feature, which is usually 1-3 cm in size, touch up and feel smooth, tough, clear boundary with the surrounding breast tissue without adhesion, activity too big, there are sliding movement.
In general, most cysts occur on one side of the breast, and in the outer edge, they do not change with the arrival of menstruation, especially adolescent women, if there fibrocystic feel, this is a very common phenomenon, only you need to go to the hospital to check and make sure it is benign fibrocystic can, without special treatment.
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Early detection of breast hyperplasia

Monthly breast hyperplasia hyperplasia is touched on both sides of the breast lumps will appear, and they vary in size, flaky or knot leafy, patients aged 25-45 years with more women. Hyperplasia more associated premenstrual breast pain, touch also feel pain, and the size and shape of breast lumps can occur with the menstrual cyclical changes.
After the end of the period, the pain will gradually disappear. Hyperplasia of the reason most of them are caused by endocrine disorders, so it is to regulate the endocrine as the first principle, with diet conditioning, constipation treatment, breast hyperplasia has improved.
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Early detection of breast cancer

Breast cancer occur in women aged 45-70 years of age. Breast cancer is also manifested in breast lumps, mostly cobblestone shape, round or oval. They are hard as stone texture, mass less smooth surface, poor activity, adhesions prone skin and surrounding tissue mass can grow rapidly, unlimited growth can be presented to a large and long, often ipsilateral axillary lymph nodes. Once found his breast with irregular lumps, should immediately to the hospital for examination, to determine the general medicine treatment early are used, if the situation is not optimistic, it will take surgical methods.
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The other four things should be done every day

First, three meals a day, do not eat or containing catalyst containing genetically modified ingredients meat, eggs and milk. Recipes should contain fruits, vegetables, whole grains, including sweet potato is the best food.
The second day, 3000 ml of water to drink, to bowel detoxification. It is worth recalling, do not drink pure water.
Third, the exclusion of all pessimistic ideas, not to mention the negative, negative words.