Less than six meters! 20 Hollywood stars have the devil figure


A lot of people in the eyes of beauty, in addition to a beautiful face, but also must have a tall body. For example, the entertainment the devil figure slender supermodel.

But in fact, in the entertainment circle, there are also many actresses, although their height less than six meters but also have a devil figure. Especially the Hollywood actress, even more so. For example, from the Canadian singer Avril Lavigne Chizha music, to everyone’s favorite blond girl Mei Amanda Seyfried, from the Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman, the glamorous sexy “Desperate Housewives” of Eva Longoria, and the new generation of Emma Roberts is a beautiful girl, both personality and acting Alan Peggy, “high school musical” out of a pair of sisters and Vanessa Huggins Ashley Tisdale…… All of them are less than 160 (or just over 160)……

Let us have a look to 10 Hollywood stars less than six meters have a devil figure.

1, Emma Roberts (Emma Roberts)

Height: 157cm. February 10, 1991, born in California Losangeles USA. One of the new generation of college days, Hollywood four small artistes (Krristen Stewart, Blakee Lively, Amanda Seyfried stood side by side), 90 Youth Popular image. Although Julia Roberts such a tall beautiful aunt, but Emma Roberts did not inherit the “good genes”, but short can still be hidden but beautiful spot cute and invincible youth, it is her magic weapon.

Emma Roberts and Tamsin Egerton (Tamsin Egerton)

But when Emma Roberts encountered the British beauty Tamsin Egerton at the height of 178cm, it is really “Cup”, the beauty of the giant in the control, Elmar has not yet fully developed like a little girl.

2, Amanda Seyfried (Amanda Seyfried)

Height: 157cm (officially 161cm). December 3, 1985, born in Pennsylvania County American Alan Tang, the Caspian sea.At the age of 11, when 15 year old child model, contact the movie, less than 25 years old was named “one hundred most beautiful people in the world” — because of romantic musical comedy “mamma mia! “After 80 USA blonde Mel Amanda Seyfried spring into fame though is not high, but has a hot body and sweet smile, still let the world crazy man.

Amanda Seyfried and ex boyfriend Dominique Cooper (Dominic Cooper)

The result of the year to star in “mamma mia! “The couple began undergone several banbangege, now officially height difference and of course part company each going his own way, not because they broke up. But in the big Dominic Cooper India, Amanda more petite lovely.

3, Christine Bell (Kristen Bell)

Height: 155cm. July 18, 1980, was born in Michigan, Detroit USA. With “Veronica Mars” rise to fame and quickly became popular with her, as her role as cute, extremely intelligent, sweet and rebellious girl next door image is impressive.

Christine Bell and her boyfriend Dykes Shepard (Dax Shepard)

A more than 3 carat diamond saw two engagement, but the height of only 1 meters 54 Christine Bell does not seem to fiance Dykes Shepard’s shoulder, looks tall on the wedding day Xia Pude had stooped to kiss the bride.

4, Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria)

Height: 157cm. March 15, 1975, born in Texas, USA. Another one of her name is “Desperate Housewives”, the global TV show her sexy and charming to show herself by the most incisive, drama and rags. But the world is desperate and crazy woman, 157cm height has a sexy tall, short stature is called female dress model — see her you’ll see, in fact, no need to envy MM high stature, short stature also wear super high profile die!

Eva Longoria and her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz (Eduardo Cruz)

Eva Longoria and her husband NBA star Tony Parker divorced, and her new boyfriend — Peneloppe Cruz’s brother Eduardo Cruz of Spain rose is alarmingly high.

5, Ricci Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon)

Height: 156cm. In March 22, 1976, USA was born in tennessee. In 2001 the “Legally Blonde” to let her have a Hollywood star status, but also to show people in Hollywood and not only one Julia Roberts.

Ricci Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth (Jim Toth)

Oscar winning actress Ricci Weatherspoon has always been like a tall man, former boyfriend Jack Gyllenhaal since Needless to say, the current husband Jim Toth and her height disparity is also very alarming.

6, Hayden Panettiere (Hayden Panettiere)

Height: 156cm. August 21, 1989, born in New York, Pali Saez USA. Drew Hayden Panettiere, 2005 quickly became popular when he starred in the hit drama “hero”, is the beautiful girl cheerleader spokesperson, zaftig youth heat, with the most perfect face.

Hayden Panettiere and ex boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko

The interesting couple in the age of height and weight are very poor, 1 meters tall 57 Hayden Panettiere petite and plump, but standing on the side of her ex boyfriend turned to the princess and the pea. The boxer age she was 14 years old, weighing more than 200 pounds, a full 2 meters height 01.

7, Rachel Bilson (Rachel Bilson)

Height: 155cm. August 25, 1981, born in Los Angeles USA.Rachel Bilson in his youth drama “the OC” has become the new generation of female stars in Hollywood has attracted much attention, although only 1.57 meters tall, but she is very good, but also have their own taste, not only her street popular with young people, but also repeatedly selected “best dressed person” and other Fashion Awards, is the Youth Department of fashion magazine darling.

Rachel Bilson and her boyfriend Hayden Christensen

Pocket beauty Richel Belson wearing high heels, and her boyfriend Hayden Christensen stood still very good, but the photographer shoes can not take?

8, Alan Peggy (Ellen Page)

Height: 155cm. February 21, 1987 born in Halifax, canada.Two small cost “Juno” and “film hard candy”, let Paige sister a beautiful young talent showing itself from the new generation of actress, unique temperament and fresh mature acting is her magic weapon. To open a new chapter in Nolan’s career “Inception” for her.

Alan Peggy and “Inception”

In Nolan’s “Inception” team, little Alan Peggy was sandwiched between a high and Martha actor, like a stunted children, no wonder French actress Marion Claudia has starred in 1 meters 47 “bird song” blue elegant lotus, true is all 169cm!

9, Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman)

Height: 160cm. June 9, 1981, was born in jerusalem. Just do the mother’s budding actress Oscar, former child actor Natalie Portman although at this stage will focus to the family, but as a new generation of Hollywood actors in the most powerful, the most promising actress, her future is limitless.

Natalie Portman and the eighty-third Oscar nominees luncheon

Eighty-third Oscar nominees luncheon, the same as Natalie Portman and tall actress Niicole Kidman stood together, are silhouetted against the increasingly small, and it is Michel Williams next to be on a par with.

10, Kelly Milo (Kylie Minogue)

Height: 153-155cm. May 28, 1968 was born in Melbourne, australia. The last century eighty or ninety’s pop princess, Australian singer, actor and sexy.

Kelly Milo and her boyfriend Anders Valencoso (Andres Velencoso)

Less than six meters! 20 Hollywood stars have the devil figure

Australian singer Kelly Milo is very small and pretty, and her boyfriend Anders Whelan. Spain is tall and handsome kosovo.