Kardashian: Lamar Odom Love Life, I Love Him To Death


Odom wife Kohler – Kardashian when the US magazine “Women’s Health” magazine cover shot gave an interview in which spoke before Faadumo, Kohler – Kardashian once again reveal the truth: “He is my life love, I love him to death. “

Kohler – Kardashian and Odom are at the end of last month formally signed the divorce papers, but before the divorce Kardashian Odom has to show feelings of sadness. “Lamar is the love of my life, I love him to death. We have had a very good marriage, he could work harder.” In an interview with “Women’s Health” when Kardashian says.

In fact, not so long ago Kohler – Kardashian accept the “Complex” magazine interview, he also had a similar argument, when asked about Odom’s question, Kardashian Odom praised Canada: ” He really is the best man I’ve ever seen, we saw him, they also have to say, he is my favorite, despite five years of our marriage is short but worth grateful for my life. “In an interview with the interview process Kardashian also did not hide his emotions. “Every day I think about him, I miss everything we have ever had, I often think about the past, I will feel sad and disappointed.”

Seeing this, I wonder if the Rockets superstar James – Harden think.

The following review Kohler – Kardashian and Odom once owned directly sweet love.

Odom wife Kohler - Kardashian when the US magazine

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