Jessica Alba president was lobbying of lobbying in the Senate!


In the field the day before yesterday of June 18 to Thursday, with a business trip to Washington DC, boarded the Senate, harmful for the review of the Substances Control Act, it is Jessica Alba president was to expand the lobbying the lawmakers in the opponent! ! , As president, is amended law review, if it is enhanced enforcement and penalties of hazardous substances, yourself from becoming social reform of the building society friendly to the environment in which the ideal is, of course, children and the mouth safe and detergent company there is no problem, because you can increase the advantage in the shampoo market, stretched a share, to only lead to opportunities to increase the business, here is changed by all means more stringent legislation The reason I would like, however, the United States, the beauty that this brain clear and action force, be better was the next president? ! And, you will want to give to say,

Jessica Alba

Jessica AlbaJessica AlbaJessica AlbaJessica AlbaJessica AlbaJessica AlbaJessica Alba