It All Has About Seven Spice Premier Goddess


It All Has About Seven Spice Premier Goddess

1/36 Venus has always stunned him again and let everyone “impressive”, and gold sister said, “I can date and five men!” and on the same date a party of five men and they do not know each other, His words netizens have said gold domineering sister, in fact star in sports such “bold” there are many, the following will take you a taste of this “bold” in sports.

It All Has About Seven Spice Premier Goddess

2/36If your girlfriend Kelly Brook goddess of the Premiership, probably your dream will laugh, which also took a fancy to another woman, but there is such a throwaway people do not know enough.

3/36 ever Premiership goddess Kelly Brook and boyfriend Danny former football star – Cipriani is very sweet.

4/36 seaside resort in hand kissing in public without fear of lens envy others

5/36 But this little boyfriend was not satisfied. During intercourse with the goddess, even while Danny and another seven women have sexual relationships.

6/36 Of course, Danny and the other seven girls have sexual relationships, or Kelly found himself, she passed the phone detected on Danny, Danny has done in one fell swoop verified.

7/36phone on Danny found the “hot” short interest and pornographic photos, Kelly knew Danny scandal, but she did not walk away, but one of hope and let Danny haunting dream about a woman meet, that means like to see, this can steal my man’s woman, in the end what level?

8/36If you think that the next will be staged small three tear force war you are wrong! Danny Kelly pulls directly from the phone and Danny holding another woman’s nude relations sent to Stacey, code-named “J” of the woman naked, put seductive pose in bed

9/36 finished picture, Kelly continued, “This is one of the partners of Danny, there are a lot of people.” genuine girlfriend to send a small three small four nude, this story really let me and my small partners are shocked.

10/36 Then, Kelly even give Stacey a call, the two men chatted for a few same boat, Stacey described the scene, “she was very angry, but also a nose a tear, and looks angry, she said, ‘You’re just one of her sexual partners, I have tonight and another six he had taken the girl talked to.’ “

11/36 while Kelly and Danny 7 bed with chat, Danny Kelly is at home in bed sleeping, you have to admire the goddess of wit and patience.

12/36 Philippine fish farm field under the same arrogant style of bold, while the two dating Miss California, so it seems Phelps still very “specificity”, just love Miss California …..

13/36 rumors outside him and Miss California 2010 Nicole – Jorgensen appointment, under great pressure, Jorgensen was finally admitted to the media that they have the Philippine fish secretly dating for over a year.

14/36 Jorgensen said: “Now I admit that I did together with him, we do not open it very understanding, because for him it was almost the last piece of private space he can keep, and we are intimate friend. “

15/36, however, was another media broke the news, 24-year-old Phelps still likely carrying Jorgensen “Crooked Hearts”, which Touching object is none other than 22-year-old former Miss California Carrie – Pleasant gold.

16/36 There are hints Jorgensen from 2007 to 2008 and Phelps rendezvous for a whole year, and they broke up precisely because the Philippine fish and Pleasant gold tryst, more importantly, Philippines Pleasant with gold fish started dating, maintaining this dubious relationship with Jorgensen.

17/36 However, for Jorgensen is obviously very unfortunate, and even gold Pleasant granddaughter grandmother knew dating with Phelps, “Kelly and Michael go out to watch a baseball game, eat lunch, and he Kelly gave a call back, and then it went out to play. ” Pleasant Kim’s grandmother revealed the news in an interview in April 2009.

18/36 On the other hand, my heart is very clear gold Pleasant Phelps was “married man”, “Kelly know that Michael has dated a woman with a lot, but she is still very happy with him out to play, and for this big celebrity relationship did not mind. Michael is a good guy, but Kelly also likes him. “

19/36 following this will certainly be a surprise to everyone’s surprise, in our hearts handsome and homely shengkai used to be and did not surface looks so good oh

20/362007 Casillas was Spain paparazzi photographed with Eva, a friend secretly dating.

21/36 it Reexposure to Eva said he only moment of weakness, promised never to meet with the third party.

22/36Eva was generous to forgive Casillas

23/36 But she did not expect that, not long before they actually start Casillas surreptitiously contact with the woman.

24/36 angry Eva moved out before the start of the European Championship Casillas apartment, although it and trying to obtain her pardon, but in the end they still parted ways.

25/36after the break, although Casey has had a low ebb but soon came out, the Spanish media to master the material shows that the effort Casillas increasingly known for their love, while the current Real Madrid goalkeeper and two models contacts!

26/36 The two Model A Machang Lisa, a man named Artie Royce. But later he denied the former and Casey scandal.

27/36 Fig. Both were full of the story ah, Woods illness marital derailed several things surely we have already known, so the following will talk about the way he and his girlfriend love skiing goddess Vaughan.

28/36 According to reports, Woods pursuit of Olympic skiing champion Lindsey – when Vaughan, she is working with the US reality show Kim – Kardashian’s ex-husband NBA star Kris – Humphries (Kris Humphries) dating.

29/36 According to the US magazine (Us Weekly) confirmed that they had become a public affair official relations between men and women is in Lindsay and Chris just after breaking up.

30/36 tiger in his official website wrote: “I and Lindsay as a friend along for some time, but in the past few months, we have been very close, and now dating.”

31/36In addition, according to sources disclose, was not only a pursuit Lindsay Woods, another player who is the NBA Nets – Kris Humphries (Kris Humphries)

32/36 It is understood that Lindsay and Chris, also from Minnesota, have a common nature cause – athletes, but ultimately failed to win over the Nets star golfer – Tiger Woods.

33/36 However, when Woods and Vonn in the official website of high-profile show of love at the same time, still persists in the form of Chris tangle of Kardashian’s proceedings.

34/36after the former golden couple break up, although they are silent about the reasons for breaking up, but there are still a lot of gossip magazine broke the news broke two reasons.

35/36 prime gossip known British tabloid “The Sun” broke the news, the real break for two reasons, is having an affair with Irina C Lo carrying a number of women, while the Russian supermodel himself is ever received these woman’s provocative message, and that makes Irina C Lo broke up with intolerable.

36/36 According to Elena’s friend said, the Russian people have found even C Lo at least six different countries with women send each other text messages to flirt.