Husband initiative to confess his affair

I do not know more. On the one hand the initiative to tell me that he had extramarital affairs, on the other hand has no consideration to my feelings, but also, and female colleagues who calmly together.

Husband Initiative to Confess His Affair

Friends help:

My husband and I married eight years; there is a year-old boy. Her husband is a civil servant, I was a teacher.

Three months ago, a female colleague units divorce her husband, fights uproar outside. Then take the initiative husband told me that he did that third female colleagues, female colleagues divorce is because of him. Now, who divorced female colleagues is doing our third party.

The female colleague and my husband in the same office, or superior-subordinate relationship, they often travel together. I hear these senseless. Husband told me, to me frankly a disgrace to me, but was not going to give up the family. He assured me that would distance themselves from the relationship with those female colleagues. Things are now, I do not want to give up these hard-won feelings, they pretended nothing had happened and her husband continues to live a quiet life. But since that after these things, my heart is hanging.

The next day, her husband, and frankly, I found a female colleague who sent a loving husband of information, but also crying, presumably, is the husband of the requirements of the consequences of breaking up. Vowed that her husband was “going to be okay up.” Unfortunately, following more than a week, I found every day, and her husband was a telephone contact or information, especially information, dense, and an afternoon working hours are accounted for. My husband angry questioning, he explained that it was “hangover”, she does not want or have emotional or something.

However, I was always wondered, how would want to break up such a drag share? This is an immoral affair, why her husband can do and talking and laughing like nothing had happened every day? Is not refuse her husband did not go? Inspired foot boats?

I could not help but angrily asked my husband to cut her off it so difficult? Travels all over the place outside, and you do not avoid arousing suspicion? Husband than I am angry that I do not force him.

I do not know more. On the one hand the initiative to tell me that he had extramarital affairs, on the other hand has no consideration to my feelings, but also, and female colleagues who calmly together.

Now my life has been completely disrupted this thing, I do not know how to face her husband, but do not know how to understand her husband’s behavior.

Li replies:

Hello, thank you for your trust! Xiao San and her husband in an office, but procrastination inseparable husband promised to break up, these things really suck, understand you’re tangled.

Tell from your perspective, that female colleagues are paying for your husband’s true feelings, she lost at that end of the marriage, if we lose a lover; she is not lost too hard? Got to keep her husband and a lover, she does not want to break up, some emotion is understandable. She is now a greater likelihood of entanglement your husband.

The reason why your husband take the initiative to confess to you, because he knew that one day you will know, not listen to is that women take the initiative to find you. He it was changed from passive to active.

Once hit by exposure extramarital affairs, men do not want a divorce can be done just cut it off, but the woman cannot do, a woman once fell in love with a man even at the moths go to the fire, it is difficult to say to break off, especially those originally not easily emotional woman. The woman made a loving husband to give you information, but also crying, really like the “hangover”, the processing takes time.

This affair has destroyed a family, and also ignited, happen in the government office, there must be a lot of people are looking forward to the recurrence of something. As a civil servant, or leader, he must have a very big pressure. He does not just handle well and the woman’s relationship, but also properly handle the impact of public opinion on their own, those relating to his future or even their jobs. If the woman to appease a bad mood convinces the woman off, he was afraid of the woman and his fish die broke. Extramarital affairs, a tango, woman has gone, her husband did not, as a woman paid a high price, why men cannot hurt? If handled properly this time the woman is very prone to revenge and put into practice. He and the woman talking and laughing just to cover for them, I believe they must be laughing in the heart.

He is wanted in the end of the broken foot in both camps still need time alone with limited information I cannot judge. I suggest you talk with her husband, give him a treatment schedule. If the time has not handled well near the point you have to give him plus point pressure, such as to ask the woman to the unit, or to reflect what the Organization Department scare him, civil servants fear is that much. Note that only a scare, do not do this, do the marriage is no guarantee.

Office romance or died exposure, or died from job transfers. If possible, let your husband change jobs, so it would be easier to break. Of course, that your husband would.

Three months must be very long for you, my opinion is very short. Do not want to give him time to deal with a divorce it! That woman had forced him, and you certainly cannot stand him and then forced him, cannot stand the mutation will occur. Processing affair “hangover” not urgent, lopsided is the best policy.

Everything advantages and disadvantages. Do not be afraid small three tough, as long breaks; a small three tough is good. The reason why people make the same mistakes, because that is the last injury was not heavy enough. The reason why some men repeatedly derailed derailment is the price to pay is too small, small enough to not hurt him. Let the woman Chand he was dead, since women are afraid to look the other way to see, he did not dare to play with after it derailed.