How Various Unsightly Leg Stovepipe Total Raiders!


Pencil pants, leggings young girls love, because some MM thick legs or straight enough, and want very slim pants to the streets, this is simply suffer for beauty of the girls, in here give universal By how acquired through the efforts have perfect legs.

How various unsightly leg stovepipe total Raiders!

Cause some reason bad leg type:

  1. Congenital symptoms, coupled with lack of absorption of vitamin D and calcium can lead to bone growth is not perfect
  2. In the growth stage, to develop bad habits, such as unreasonably long periods of walking posture (without parental supervision), the shoes do not fit may lead to inadequate development of legs
  3. An adult because the beauty 5cm above long-term wear high heels, this is also a great harm to the legs and feet;
  4. Incorrect movement pattern, or after intense exercise such as running, no leg timely nursing.

Then under the several factors that may lead to the birth of four bad legs, also elaborated on below, and gives recommendations for improvement measures.

1, Elephant legs.

Because the female physiology special, so often in the legs, abdomen and lower back area to save a lot of fat, which is the body’s natural nutrient accumulation of raising children, and then combined with poor diet, can easily lead to the legs thicker, become big elephant legs.

Solving strategies:

Control diet and leg massage and directed movement. Generally relatively fast shortcut is liposuction, but does not advocate here, relying on its own forces is always better than less, but also to advise you in here, a lot of time either to lose weight or live other things, had to rely on their own first. Free diet can regulate fat legs further, and do more leg massage and a pointing motion will help eliminate leg fat, this sleek curves of great help.

2, Radish legs.

Radish legs are generally formed because the calf muscles and legs slightly more errors, which is the Asian women’s physiology and habits, so the ratio of radish legs is still very high in the crowd.

How various unsightly leg stovepipe total Raiders!

Solving strategies:

Since the formation of radish legs most of the reason is because the muscle rather than fat, so I want to eliminate radish legs, the focus falls on top of daily exercise and walking posture, and we should pay attention to the usual wear pants to be more elastic based, so in Walking is also advantageous rounded leg muscles. Here also recommend a nursing way:

Step one: leg straight, sitting on the bed

Step 2: Lift one leg, keeping the knee can not bend

Step three: to the limit down after

Step four: one foot for another, after another half an hour a day to do

3, O-type legs.

O-legs, also known as bandy legs, meaning no matter how hard they try, can not stand on two legs in a straight line, which mostly skeletal reasons.

How various unsightly leg stovepipe total Raiders!

Solving strategies:

The elastic rope circle with the outside of the legs spread out, body to squat, and other big leg to reach about 45 degrees when the reduction of the effect of this exercise also depends on different objects, but persist for some time, external expansion The legs will be significantly tighter.

4, Horoscopes legs.

A look at the name to know, meaning that the leg character was expanded into outer and inner eight eight, and this is a child walking habits, or related to congenital bone on.

How various unsightly leg stovepipe total Raiders!

Solving strategies:

Develop good habits walk, walk, always pay attention to the people around him or remind the supervision, keeping legs and feet in a straight line, this is actually walking posture of attention, if eight is too severe, then you can choose to do bone correction surgery .

Thin legs finally introduced some tips, on softening fat: by keeping a Tui Xi chest, the other leg sit cross-legged posture. Relax the body, from the ankle to the knee rubbing pressure massage; the second is eliminating muscle: two hands while kneading the calf, the direction from the bottom up; third is to increase flexibility: palm tapping the leg, keeping tension and elasticity.