How To Maintain Lean Muscle In Body Fat At The Same Time!


In the long process, our goal is to lose the “fat” , rather than”muscles” , so there are some nutrition and sports concept, make your body more lean.

Forget Dieting

Uncle Sam introduced a lot of articles, through the diet to reduce fat, the chance of success is not high. Therefore, you will have to design a fat nutritional supplement, and let the fat more efficiently, can arrange the muscle exercise menu, cross out.

 How to maintain lean muscle in body fat at the same time!

Muscle exercise stage

In the process of losing fat and want to retain the original muscle tissue, it is impossible. So in the fat in the process, first you should build lean muscle. A week 2~4 times the weight training, and will one day dining way, divided into 5~6 small meals.

The consumption of the training phase by Kaluri should be about TDEE 15~20%. The so-called TDEE, simply say that every day the total consumption amount of body heat.Therefore, when you are currently in training, you should increase 15~20% in daily calorie intake.

Fat-Loss Phase

In the muscle exercise stage should be followed by long stage two weeks. In the fat of the week, in your nutrition program, as far as possible to discard any processed foods, including milk shake, protein nutrition bar.

Long stage goal is to choose low sodium food natural, like chicken, beef, fish, lean meat protein, dark green leafy vegetables, Cereals, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

 How to maintain lean muscle in body fat at the same time!

This way is fat, “3 days” as a way of eating, there are two ways to change the diet:

  • The first diet plan
  • In the morning and in the choice of cereal meals intake of many vegetables, you should ban compound carbohydrate, all in addition, except banana, berries, green apple, you should reduce the fruit intake.

  • Second diet plan
  • Add some sweet potatoes and brown rice in your meals.

First 3 days, according to the first diet plan, received the 2 3 days, according to the second diet plan, and then back to the first diet (remember the sweet potato and rice from your diet to remove, and then second) a diet plan, a total of two weeks of continuous rotation, back muscle exercise stage after.

Fat stage cardiopulmonary activity

In the weight loss stage, increase the activity of heart lung ratio is a key, and you must do. At this stage, you should have at least 1 hours of cardiopulmonary exercise.

What is the best time to do exercise effect

In order to obtain the best results, only do cardio exercise is not enough, you should be fasting. If there is in your blood sugar, your body will use blood glucose as a source of power, and not from the body fat storage and release of fatty acids.The aim is to burn too much body fat. When your body type aerobic activities in blood sugar, if the lack of time, will burn fat.

Another good time for sports, continued for 45 minutes. There is strength after weight training, cardiopulmonary exercise.After weight training, muscle glycogen consumption was almost exhausted, so your body will be forced to use fat for energy sources.

The author doing weight training, each action to 15~20 again to, rather than 6~12 times, and continued to maintain weight training for physical stimulation. Weight training will last for the body caused by stimulation, one way is to increase the weight and increase in weight, is still at a time can reach 20 times as the goal, then increase the weight. This helps to increase muscle endurance.

 How to maintain lean muscle in body fat at the same time!

Not excessive training

In the young, habit a day 5~6 times of training. And now the older and the accumulated experience. In the exercise stage, one week only 1 days of training on the same parts of the body. Or sometimes, for two days in the upper body training plus a world body training. The point is, you must make time to repair muscle growth.

Nutritional supplement

In the exercise of beautiful shape, nutrition timely is necessary. In the fat phase, you need all the nutrition of the food and influence will limit the order of carbohydrate intake on the body caused by reduced to a minimum and improve the immune system. Fruits and vegetables in the capsule is a good replenishment coup. Glutamine acid supplements also contribute to muscle catabolism (Catabolism) the lowest.

 How to maintain lean muscle in body fat at the same time!

Good fat intake

In the long process, the most important thing, getting the good fats, such as olive oil, linseed oil, Primrose, Oil, avocado, peanut butter. These fat contains the body cannot manufacture. The dietary intake of essential fatty acids, providing in vivo function, prevent muscle decomposition, helps the secretion increase good cholesterol and assist hormone.

The key lies in

Don’t want to lose body fat is not difficult, the key is to have a good law and discipline, good exercise and eating habits, stay, not after the goal is reached, began to stop moving or bad eating habits.

Read the above article, in fact, uncle Sam is not in the share weight method in this article or training, but to understand the basic concept of exercise and diet, more able to understand basic things, more know how to establish their own diet and exercise.