How to let men give women willingly spend money?


How we let a man give a woman willing to spend?

Nixie Re:

How to let men give women willingly spend money?

The love of a man is always willing to give woman money, and love of a woman, know how to dress beautiful and gentle, understanding, appreciation psyche man, only this man’s heart is also good. Man to get along with you, have a very strong sense of presence. Women usually have to do this, or try to move closer to this situation, men naturally are willing to pay for you.

User question [564]

Girlfriend, always forced me to get married, why?

Nixie Re:

Girl’s youth is short, she decided that you want to settle down as soon as possible, for fear you distracted.

User question [565]

Let me see the phone before her husband, now let see I always suspected him, how do?

Nixie Re:

Wife does not suspect. Have to look for a sense of security by looking at the phone, and that in itself shows you this feeling very guilty. If you have a sixth sense to give you the feeling of tranquility, then I suggest you and your husband to talk openly, rather than shuffle people phone. If you really need a man to see him, but a delicate and charming look insecure, he will take the initiative to show you the phone, which is an initiative you want to look at is the different things the phone.

User question [566]

I should not be waiting for him, he said, let me wait for him for two years, he would divorce her.

Nixie Re:

Men do best to delay surgery, you have to believe you regret cry.

User question [567]

Girlfriend never takes the initiative to contact me, two and a half months along

Nixie Re:

Girls before marriage modesty point is normal, but she did not take the initiative to contact two months you, I feel a bit exaggerated. If you take the initiative to contact her, she still indifferent, or perfunctory attitude, then, most likely you are her spare tire. If you are a spare tire, then how would you do? Of course, the point that you have a lack of glamor in her eyes, you have to refuel efforts close to her ideals and goals, while possible care of her loved her, let her have a sense of security in the case, increase the sunk costs.

User question [568]

Girlfriend is pregnant two months, the National Day period of time did not know was pregnant, she had a cold medicine to eat for a week, during the day and beat fluids, and eats three bags of the Aga phenol scattered. Later pregnancy test out, to consult a doctor, the doctor said not sure there is no impact. What I mean is removed, not to take the risk, when there really is a problem that harm children; life and death do not agree with his girlfriend, say if I was to force her to remove her life, and cannot be removed after birth in case (28-year-old girlfriend, her boyfriend of five years ago had a drug run off), it will regret it forever. She also asked her older sister (done before the nurses at the hospital), her sister said nothing; it also strengthened her thoughts.

Nixie Re:

The greatest impact of this thing, whatever decisions are at stake, the doctor cannot give you a definite answer, I cannot give you the most scientific answer. If you are determined to be born girlfriend, then the process can do a comprehensive check-ups to monitor the child’s health status, if found to have a bad situation, that time is then removed, although the time of injury may be greater. To be reminded that the four-dimensional ultrasound at 16 weeks of time to do it, to make reservations in advance, you cannot miss. I think your girlfriend is now in a sensitive period for the time being you do not irritate her. You first think about her relationship, if you marry her, then you must face this thing together, respect her decision, I believe that medicine, if you do not want to marry her, then you can slowly and her description of interest relationship. I believe that she is not stupid enough to do single mothers.