How Long Can Boldly Show Muscle Fitness?


Want to build muscle you must know “for iron is king”, but the science of strength training, especially when you too profound to be understood, time-consuming in the gym after hard training, will think it can make the muscles? How long can the micro-blog and show the slide WeChat? So Xiaobian today to reveal all the doubts you disposable.

How long will the training muscle?

It depends on your exercise period and exercise intensity, usually takes 4-8 weeks you will start to tear the muscles. If you want to accelerate the formation of muscle, can adhere to high intensity training every week three to four times, so that the muscles rapid dissolution, accelerated The new supersedes the old.

How Long Can Boldly Show Muscle Fitness?

Exercise the muscles a day to exercise a long time?

Time is not the most important, but should be targeted. 1 hours of continuous start, insist to be three months effect. As long as 3 hours of exercise a day is enough, if the body belongs to consume more.

How Long Can Boldly Show Muscle Fitness?

An iron weight how should choose?

Select the appropriate weight, is that you make ten can do some of that weight, then do four ~ six groups, each group of 10. In general is to improve the power when you do 1-6, when a 6-12 is to increase muscle size, after 20 is improve muscle endurance, it is time to do the corresponding exhaustive state after each exercise, the best rest for 48 hours to exercise, guiza jianchi.

How Long Can Boldly Show Muscle Fitness?

What is the best exercise muscle action?

For the novice can choose composite motion, such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, pull ups, these actions can make you mobilize the whole body muscle group, fast and strong.

How Long Can Boldly Show Muscle Fitness?

Training diet what are the requirements?

The most important thing is to build muscle protein, first of all that you have exhausted the subcutaneous fat, must add enough protein to body energy, eat dairy foods and meat etc..