Hardware Strong Android HP Win10 Flagship Spy Exposure


 Hardware strong Android HP Win10 flagship spy exposure

There have been news reports said a few days ago, intelligent mobile phone HP will cooperate with Microsoft to launch a mobile phone running Windows 10 system, and claimed that this machine broke the code named “Falcon”. In fact, HP will release Windows 10 smart mobile phone from last year began to spread, just do not know whether the machine will really be released. However, the two day wave of the HP Windows 10 mobile phone spy crazy pass, shows that the new machine market seems to close at hand.

Who will this wave of new HP Windows 10 smart mobile phone broke the news that the name of this machine is HP Elite X3, last year has been completed, and the related news were disclosed, but a lot of time and disappeared. During this period there has been a reported that HP has been hesitant whether to release HP Elite X3, the specific reasons unknown, but HP will continue to study the Windows 10 mobile phone on the market’s performance.

Now HP Elite X3 running Windows 10 system reflects the spy photos released, HP seems to have determined to publish it.From the spy photos, HP Elite X3 is designed to look carefully enough, at least in today’s intelligent mobile phone is still regarded as a fashion trend in the relative one, and with a typical HP PC style, especially the design of multi hole speaker mesh metal coated strip at the bottom of the fuselage, it is clear from the long-term partners of HP is also the top audio-visual brand Bang & Olufsen hands.

In addition, we can also see that the whole machine design is more rounded, both the corner or side of the line, with thin body design, can be expected in actual hand feel should be quite comfortable, and clean the back of the fuselage above the camera has been raised, said that the machine should be very slim.

 Hardware strong Android HP Win10 flagship spy exposure

The true flagship intelligent mobile phone hardware specifications

In addition to publishing the spy, who broke the news will also complete the hardware specifications HP Elite X3 intelligent mobile phone to broke out. If the parameter information of all not wrong, at least the machine will be the most powerful in today’s Windows 10 intelligent mobile phone in a flagship model.

According to the HP Elite broke the news, X3 will use a Quad HD 2K resolution screen, the actual pixel is 2560 * 1440, the screen of cross-border device level 5.96 inch capacitive touch screen. More importantly, in the HP Elite X3 inside the fuselage, equipped with a Qualcomm quad core flagship of the flagship of this year’s top 820 mobile processor Snapdragon, and the standard with 4GB RAM running memory and 32GB of storage space, if the store too can also use the microSD card extra extended 200GB.

 Hardware strong Android HP Win10 flagship spy exposure

HP Elite X3 in the back of the fuselage, providing a 16 million pixel camera, with LED lights, camera support automatic focusing, positive and in the body, the front camera is also equipped with up to 8 million pixel sensor. So, HP Elite X3 is now all Windows 10 mobile phone camera, before and after the combination of the most outstanding one.

In addition, broke the news also said that the HP Elite X3 also supports the dustproof and waterproof properties, not only reached IP67 level, the United States also adopted MIL-STD-810G military standard test. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a USB Type-C interface based on USB 3 protocol, support Qi wireless charging function, support Continuum Windows 10 mobile phone the most characteristic, and set the iris scanner for Windows Hello biometric security features (Iris Scanner) and the fingerprint identification function.

 Hardware strong Android HP Win10 flagship spy exposure

Unfortunately, not the machine any pricing and listing date provide bid personnel, but if no accident, within a week, HP could soon be held in Barcelona Spain MWC 2016 Mobile World Congress, Elite officially released HP X3 flagship intelligent mobile phone, released at the same time more attractive details.