Eye Kun Ling Baby Learn To Build Under The Most Vivid Example


Under eyelash makeup is often overlooked area, in fact, for those who like sweet makeup sister, the lower lashes can quickly improve your sweet sense, but there are also many entertainment insiders such as actress Fan Bingbing, angelababy and lower lashes makeup like Kunling France, the stud is clearly lower lashes to create a sense of exquisite sense Barbie makeup to make eyes more shiny, with a look!

Fan Ye, makeup has always been high and gas field mainly delicate eye makeup to the extreme, not only with thick eyelashes, eyelash is also under stud clear slim models, create a glamorous aura successfully hold live full field.

Next year is about to marry the baby has always been a sweet pink-based makeup, eye makeup is also used exaggerated Barbie big eyes, compared to the lower lashes Fan Ye, baby a lot of it is fresh, the maximum limit of the lower lashes enlarge eyes, but on also lengthen lashes, so that the entire eye makeup will look coordinated.

The same is about to become popular Kun Ling, Taiwan is also the sister of eye makeup Western style exaggerated sense, under the thick black lashes compared to richer brown lovely atmosphere, while better mix of brown hair color and beauty pupil.
The three actresses are under the eyelashes to create a Barbie doll that visual sense, therefore, make good use of the lower lashes can transition your look, your eyes light up!

By the end of the eyelash brush difficult PART1 8 big problem
Lower lashes too short is always difficult to brush, brush, it is often touches the lower eyelid, or what have used mascara brush out and wanted to know whether there are any small Piebu can make eyelashes longer … under the lash of the total The problem here has a total solution!

Question1 each have a mass of black brush, maddeningly want to turn tables!
Brush teeth with a little room to replace the brush head! Use comb slim brush, not thick mascara brush less easily contaminated and down vertically along the eyelash brush, if no such brush, try use interdental brush, small brush to brush under the lashes just right ~
STEP1 stick straight after take horizontal brush mascara
No slimline head how to do? Interdental brush with the right amount of mascara after James, the way to get back and forth about a straight horizontal brush.

Question2 lower lashes always too soon caved, clip clip is white …
After Scald more durable! Gently press down with a hot eyelash curler eyelash middle Ministry stay about 10 to 15 seconds, then there is no hot eyelash curler, eyelash curler heated with a hair dryer can achieve the desired effect, or use black clip, heating Gently press the roots of the lashes to stay, there are good results.
STEP1 preheated hot in the middle and then lashes
Eyelashes has some heat after Squeeze down the middle of the lower lashes for about 10 to 15 seconds.
STEP2 black light pressure after the end of the clip heating
Trailing thick black folder, better heating downward pressure, light pressure is to prevent scalding.

Question3 hand brush acid or if it appears, want to give me any …
Powder base, unexpected good effect! No bottoming cream does not matter, as long as the powder have come up makeup bag, covered with a thin layer of powder on the lower lashes, mascara good adhesion and increase a sense of weight, thick eyelashes naturally obvious.
STEP1 swab moistened go adhesion
Moistened cotton swab was easy to stick powder, in order to avoid too much, but also to tap the stick finish.
STEP2 back and forth about the pink
Brush back and forth about, even the lashes are coated with powder each.
STEP3 thick mascara
After selecting breaded thick brush on the type of mascara, the effect will be better.

How Question4 remove lashes will not fall?
Dismount and then usually careful maintenance – the easiest lower lashes out, carefully removing mascara eyelash protect basic approaches to cross to get way dismount, get straight is easy because the force is too large, then ripped off lashes! Maintenance using growth medium In addition, before going to bed with a cotton swab dipped a little Vaseline, applied on the lower eyelashes, make eyelashes grow again tough.
STEP1 first waterproof wet
Encounter difficult to unload mascara first wet cotton pad for 1 minute, then gently down relieved.
STEP2 cross to take care unloading
Eye and Lip Makeup Remover with cotton swab to cross back and forth gently removing the way to get mascara.


Question5 what methods are tried under the lash does not appear that does not appear …
Do not worry about mascara! To use eye shadow to help. Lower lashes too sparse, really hard to brush out the effect, then, use the vertical frame style eye shadow to enlarge! To the end of eye shadow from beneath the belt down to fill the end of eye, and then draw the eye forward third position, forming a <font, your eyes become God.
STEP1 down even into <word
Eyeful eye shadow make up part of the tail, they were plucked from the bottom end of eye to draw <font, so the lower eyelid is not empty, feeling atheism.

Question6 lower lashes very long, but how to brush all if it appears that, in the end why?
But wait, starting with the root folder painted! Lower lashes and difficult compared to the eyelashes short clip, with partial eyelash curler easiest must pick up from under the lash roots, from 90 degrees vertical eye slowly down clip to 45 degrees, so that the eyelashes presents putting arc, painted on mascara, you can let it run out.

Question7 no way to work in a hurry slowly brush lashes!
Plastic tube with a cotton swab rapid brush! Piebu eliminated the old card, even though you can not tainted brush happy, but paper-Pacific eyelashes Alice up, brush would not be very good results, try using a cotton swab in a plastic tube cylinder section, put it down on the bottom lashes brush, circular arc of contamination can not simultaneously curling, do both!
STEP1 down by the roots of eyelashes brush

Question8 brush into black eye, how to remedy?
Shock-free, latex has magical! Wait until the mascara is completely dry, use a cotton swab dampened with a thin layer of lotion wipe, or become a ball of black, but self-defeating.

PART2 clean but without losing the gas field, will learn two large influx lower lashes makeup!
After coming under the eyelashes disappointing, but also need to use eye makeup blessing, Lips embellishment, will make u look like a perfect goddess.

STYLE1 deer fresh eye makeup: not enough eyelashes thick, shiny lying silkworm is more highlights!
STEP1 pearl eye shadow to highlight lying silkworm
Apply eye shadow in lying silkworm at the head end of eye gently sweep the eye, the eye at the bottom of the main smear.
STEP2 ago after playing under the brightest
Written contaminated before eyeshadow point in lying silkworm, during and after strengthening lit effect.

STYLE2 metal charm makeup: Do not be discouraged under the shadow sparse eyelashes come to the rescue!

With a thin shadow of the lower lash roots, reinforcing glazed eyes did not lower lashes and eye socket with a metallic color to the smoke, there is an instant feeling of autumn and winter, in order to avoid the looks atrocious, eye on the next head of the Micro-lit !
STEP1 0.1mm thick eyelashes eyeliner to create the effect of
A painting about 0.1mm thin roots of the lashes, just naturally dirty.
STEP2 blooming under the liner was not fierce