Exquisite Nail Type Features

Exquisite Nail Type Features

  1. A white sheet coupled with simple has beautiful pink
  2. Wow, one can see so many fruits, small series cannot help but drool over, remember this is a piece well, not really fruit, and do not bite ah
  3. The stars shine, with the same blue glitter nail, it is the feeling of Ye Yan
  4. Lovely color with nails painted in their own hands, oh I miss
  5. Yellow nail rather special is also very personal, small feel it difficult to match clothes
  6. Pink nail series, I believe many will crush liked
  7. A lot of drilling, ah, there is a large flower, but looks very special
  8. A little piece of this plain looks very comfortable, not very assertive
  9. Yes, this feeling is very pretty, kind of cherry blossoms falling feeling