Do 5 Yoga Poses To You Become A Beautiful Girl


You almost every day sitting in the office 7, 8 hours, waist is full?

You often do morning waking up at night, can’t sleep, a pair of second zenith “panda eyes”, confused and others say hi?

If you often feel back pain, neck and shoulder like carrying a “mountain” in general, massage into your “life-saving straw”?

In fact, everything can be changed. The following 5 yoga poses, mainly from the neck and shoulder, hip and waist, weak stiff back to start, through your “two big pluses”, you get the full absorption of the “spirit”, “return to the vitality of young beauty” is not a dream.

You have to prepare before the start of: 1 take off shoes and socks, unbuttoned, ready for a chair; 2 sitting in the chair front, sit upright sitting height; 3 adjustment after a good start our yoga journey.

(a) The chair on the shoulder

Do 5 Yoga Poses To You Become A Beautiful Girl

Effect Improve the stiff neck and shoulder, open the chest, let up the back straight up


1 feet straight forward, foot, heel, toe forward, thighs tighten up, hands behind the ten finger cross fist;

2 inhale, will keep the shoulders open clavicle stretching as far as possible, will extend the elbow (if you feel pulled over on the elbows slightly bent, and keep the elbow) keep the palm root paste;

3 exhale, the chest is affixed to the back end, the formation of antagonistic and scapular back, so you can experience more strongly to open the shoulders;

4 you can breathe with gradually, finally put a fist in the chair;

5 keep breathing 5 times, slowly loosen hands, fists, feet back, relax.

(b) To strengthen the flexion of chair

Do 5 Yoga Poses To You Become A Beautiful Girl

Effect Stretch the spine, stretching your thighs, relax your mind, swept away the tired


  1. Feet straight forward, foot, heel, toe forward, thighs tighten up.
  2. Inhale, will hand over his head, arm ear;
  3. Breath, keep the torso from hip flexion extension, the upper part of the body, hands down, thumb, forefinger and middle finger (toe hook hook if not big toe, then his hands from the outside to seize the leg; if your thigh is especially tight, can bend the knees slightly, pay attention to safety);
  4. Shoulders, back of the neck stretching, breathing again, lengthen your spine forward, chest, shoulders thrown back, from the navel began to stretch the front of the body forward;
  5. Keep the breath, stretch, shoulders, put open the front of the body on the chest;
  6. Keep breathing 5 times, hands on hips, slowly stood up, relax (note, this style as far as possible to support the chair to wall or other to do, to avoid slipping).

(c) Single leg standing chair

Do 5 Yoga Poses To You Become A Beautiful Girl

Effect Stretch the body, improve the thigh tight, “long legs” recovery, let the legs strong promotion


  1. The 1 is to chair stand, keep a proper distance;
  2. Inhale, bend the right knee up, right foot heel on the chair, straighten the knee, exhale, adjust and maintain the left leg perpendicular to the ground;
  3. Adjust the right hip downward, backward, and left hip Ping Zheng, coccyx pulled to the ground;
  4. Inhale again, once on the side of hands over his head, arm ear, exhale, left heel lateral pressure, from two hip lateral hip has been extended upward to the tip of the finger, the shoulders sink, gentle eyes look to the front;
  5. Keep 5 breaths, hands down, knees bent back right leg, the other side.

(d) Boat chair

Do 5 Yoga Poses To You Become A Beautiful Girl

Effect Wake up weak abdominal and back, to create attractive “vest line” and “back channel”


  1. From the side to sit on the chair, the chair body is rotated the knees;
  2. Knees on the chair, hands on both sides of the chair, adjust your posture, sitting in the bones, and later in the process, always keep the sitting bones;
  3. Inhale, will not bow back straight, waist circumstance, knees straight, and lift the chest, abdomen soft to pull back;
  4. Breath again back muscles on both sides to the middle, shoulders sink, chest, eyes look to the direction of the feet.
  5. Try to head and toe parallel, using hand chair, take as much as possible in depth;
  6. Keep 5 breaths, back legs knees, relax.

(e) The chair standing forward bends

Do 5 Yoga Poses To You Become A Beautiful Girl

Effect Stretch the shoulders, legs, calm brains, reserve strength, ruddy recovery


  1. In front of the chair stand, keep a proper distance, feet hip width;
  2. Inhale, arms up over his head, heel lateral pressure;
  3. Breath, thighs tighten up, keep the arm from the most distant ear, let the finger tip draw arcs, hands palm down to hold the chair surface, on both sides of the neck to keep longer;
  4. Inhale again, keep the heel compaction ground, then stretched at the back of the thigh, spine extended to the direction of the chair;
  5. Breath, the shoulders away from the ears, pulled back below the chest, abdomen soft;
  6. 6 keep breathing 5 times, on the back heel stable, hands on hips, with the scapula leading up to the hips, not in a hurry up, relax.

The 5 type above’s office “vitality Tour”, which is simple and scientific, adhere to the diet, shaping what are weak burst, more important is to improve the shoulder, neck, waist, legs of stubborn, so that every day you have the spirit of bang bang da! So what, you start the “vitality” tour together!