chic to say goodbye after breaking up ought to ask 10 questions


 When the relationship between the two has been irreparable, thoroughly disappointed when the romance side, their brains are usually very hard, always puzzling to those good old days is how come, but also how to leave? Zhang empty eyes every day to lose the focal length then deadpan cry in my heart, laugh and laugh, cry cry … like facial muscles completely lost the ability.

chic to say goodbye after breaking up ought to ask 10 questions
chic to say goodbye after breaking up ought to ask 10 questions

Broke up, we always bear this pain and want to know a few things from his lover, because the heart is too painful, and can not see in the end what is the problem between two people, but there are things we should not ask, so Some things they know like.

1. Do not ask why break up?
Now that you broke up, all have no chance to save, do not ask why, he will leave you more feel is right, said reproduction chic, do not let yourself look pathetic.

2. Do not ask is there any chance you can re-try?
That should only bring you deeper damage.

3. Do not ask who still remember the good old days?
If you have to leave you, then of course you have all the time to forget, even if he remembered you, it should also be in for a long time after breaking something, or someone else, he was dumped After that, and never break up with you at this time.

4. Do not ask me where I compare her?
She would say hello than he did, although she may regret, but he still wanted to try, but not in time to break up.

5. Do not ask why a remark now does not count?
Because vows originally adult drama.

6. Do not ask a decade later breakup Day Can we see the side?
met and how? If then you’ve met around better target? may also be because you give too many promises, so just leave you.

7. Do not ask why they can refuse the temptation to stick two feelings, and he stay away?
She said she prefers something realistic, and you know what that something real point.

8. Do not ask why did abandon common dream?
dream has always been to think about this kind of thing to talk about it.
9. Do not ask still able to be friends?
Do not kid yourself, you obviously were heartbroken, why be installed right in front of him, want to hold his hand, but could not pull, Xiangbao he can not hold, why should hide What, everyone knows that you can no longer become a common friend, do not have any illusions.

10. Do not ask him what kind of heart you occupy a seat?
She would say she would treasure the love in the deepest heart, plainly, is to do not want to open the memory, is not it?