Celebrities And Their Unbelievable Ages Will Make You Jealous


Agreed that, staying fit, eating healthy, regular exercising, proper self-care all these things do make one look younger and gorgeous, but these celebrities have gone way beyond and outclassed everyone with their beauty and their age has startled everyone. Check out these 7 celebrities.

1. Yup, she has scored half a centurey

the beautiful and gorgeous Salma Hayek.

2. It's Alex Trebek is 75. Looks unbelievable, but true.

3. OMG, Avril Lavigne looks like she is sweet 16, but sad for boys out there she is 31 in reality.

4. I'm really jealous of the glow she Sandra Bullock holds at 51.

5. WOW, sheAriana Grande is 'NOT' a teenager but has turned 22. OMG! she is just so pretty.

6. Pharrell Willams is 42.

7.Brandon Stark, he's 24.