Boyfriend loves breasts likes to touch my heart


Initially love each other because of the advantages of mutual attraction, they get along with each other’s shortcomings as mutually exclusive. First love is always so beautiful, last but always hurt
Boyfriend loves breasts likes to touch my heart

Dickson first met when I was attracted his deep eyes, like a bottomless pool of water, clear and seems a bit melancholy. He seems to prefer to be alone, and more and the girls say a few words, it is easy to blush, always red to the child behind the ears. I have always felt the boys thought this simple, simple man. Over time, my heart flag patch on Dickson heat, more turbulent. I started competing with brains and his contact, always something all right will always find an excuse to be close to him.

As the saying goes, men chase women Gesso Hill, women chasing men compartment yarn. Hard work pays off eventually, he finally sensed my love for him. The world’s largest happiness, than the person you love, being in love with you quietly gets it.

Eating, watching movies, shopping, dating all the necessary items inside, spending time in years, Dickson as I think like that, very thoughtful, very care of me. However, as time went on, I began to feel something was amiss Dickson, he went on the road, always like hands and feet, especially in crowded places. Always hand resting on my neck, resting on my chest whenever they touch me, or pinch me, scared every time I panicked, afraid someone saw this scene.

To this end, I protested, but also fear too close to him. The first time I heard my voice snapped, he a lot of convergence, but not too long, his hands began to like it possessed in general, around the corner.

But this time, my love for him has taken root in the heart, except it cannot make me accept. So every time out on a date, I always wear very conservative, but not too many places to go. Until one day, I suddenly found the way it looked like staring at another woman, and I asked him what he said: that beauty is not fine my wife’s legs. Next time, there was a beautiful girl point, he would say: this woman’s chest is not my wife, my big chest suddenly I flushed, and for fear that others heard him say these words.

During that time I was very confused, because I do not understand, the boys are not all like this, nothing like staring at something on the road looked beautiful, and then compare your own home and a woman, or some comments.

Love for some time, we began to have a more intimate contact, but her boyfriend and I live together three or four times, but no substantive content occur. His breath always playing in my chest, unbuttoning my coat button several times, but not really what happened. I thought he was not sincere feelings for me, or what he has doubts in that regard, so I had a heart, and he was a few days of the Cold War.

Later, he asked me out and I did not go out, he asked me why the phone, I said I feel you do not love me or you love have reservations. He was an anxious, said: how can I love you one hundred percent. So I asked him, why cohabitation times, you never something happened. In fact, I am a very traditional woman, love will follow him dead, so I am sensitive, afraid to encounter an ulterior motive of man, and fear wasted their youth.

He was silent for a long time on the phone, said: Actually, I love you, love your chest from the start. This sentence, my ears hear some tingling, some brain hypoxia.

After that, I know, the original Dickson in the long ago, I knew I liked the attention to her breasts, so it is easy to talk to the girls blush, for fear that others discover his secret, but also because I think they are always pay attention to her breasts, feel that they are inferior, so I always like to be alone. When I know, laughed and said: So this is ah, it seems you cannot escape a lifetime of my palm.

Later, with a very long period of time, I take him to see a psychiatrist, and he finally walked into the haze of this film out. And our feelings, nor because of his habit affected. If you really love someone, we must first learn to accept his shortcomings. Because only his own shortcomings and lifestyle, marriage is something really affects your life.