Blue Ocean: The Global Social Network Which Is Stronger?


Recently, foreign media through a survey of 137 countries, made a map of the distribution of global social network popularity, let us look at the situation:

 Blue Ocean: the global social network which is stronger?

Obviously, we can see a blue Facebook, lofty sentiments of the unification of America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and much of asia. In China, QZone, or QQ space is still SNS application users, the most extensive coverage of the local service in Russia, SNS V Kontakte, Odnoklassnikl is the mainstream application. More interesting is the decline in the Japanese market, Twitter is still very popular here. Iran is also very interesting, apparently Facebook can not come here to serve the local, but also has a name that sounds copycat Facenama service for everyone.

After all the boss, we look at the social application countries ranked second:

 Blue Ocean: the global social network which is stronger?

For example, Instagram is very popular in the United States, but in other countries there is no similar Facebook status, and Twitter in some countries still occupy the second position, but it looks like the market share is also further eroded by the situation.

Let’s go back to 2009, what happened:

 Blue Ocean: the global social network which is stronger?

Apparently when Google’s feudal lords vying for the throne, such as Orkut in Brazil and India ranked boss, but since then, Facebook is obviously continue to conquer the global market.Of course, as you know, in the face of the world’s largest market, it needs to be patient.

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