Behind every spoiled woman is a man who loves her


Said: will be spoiled woman best life. Say: men like women will be spoiled.

Who is not?

Behind every spoiled woman is a man who loves her

But filled with the “female man” mushroomed, the more risk the more.

Circle of friends have a recognized spoiled woman, a bunch of girlfriends get together, laugh, unknowingly late, she gave her husband the phone: “My dear, outside Haohei you, I’m afraid, you’ll pick me Well , okay, “prettily whine devastated, hear a public booed his girlfriend shouted:”?? Ah, what can be nauseating point? “Before long, her husband came to pick her up, brought her coat and scarf, and carefully dressed for her around the well, while doing these lovingly while complaining: “This is how people, did not know to take care of yourself, how much wind outside Coming ah, how freezing cold back ? I also cannot get you to come every day with call…… “Listening to her husband’s nagging girlfriend, like stocks obstinacy body like sticking her husband who, Jiao Chen:” hate, every day, I know a lot to say, people Well you’re not afraid of the dark do not know…… “This is, quite naturally we heard her husband called her: nil. Hear us looked at each other: this is Benxi, which also nil?

The same woman, the same is the party that day there was a girlfriend back home, parked the car underground garage, but do not know how others find their own parking spaces to be accounted for, this late at night, where to go to find the owner? Mei Zhe, only to call for help to her husband, who knows not only refused to help her husband, also a pass about face accusations:?? “Who told you to come back so late you also allows people to go to work tomorrow, I break it, you own want to approach it.”Then the phone hung up. So we have this girlfriend poured bravely car garage, late at night, looking around the empty spaces of their own community, the car rides at anchor, and then alone in an alley across the street did not go home. Asked her: “? This is more dangerous ah,” she said: “Of course, aware of the dangers, but that they can depend on how men do not have only they forced into a man?”

The so-called “female man”, that way it?

If there is love their man, like a baby, who would not be?

Men usually complain about a woman, often mentioned a big “crimes” are: no feminine, so-called feminine most notable performance was spoiled, but the face does not love a man who does not cherish its own, the woman that Johnson, how Caesar from?

Think of a female classmate from college, his father died young, as the eldest, she and her mother early to jointly assume the responsibility to take care of the family and siblings, and therefore develop perseverance, between forceful personality, gestures are a “Big Sister” demeanor vice catch, remember that time in the class collective drama performances, so she played a spoiled woman, only a line: “Well no, I do not thing.” on such a line, really want her life, other people are sleeping at night to sleep, she also secretly hid in toilet training, can rehearsal when she lines one, take the drama students always laugh cannot be controlled, times and so, because of that situation, just let Li Kui Lin plays, too out of play, and finally she put down affair quit:. “Let me knife foot flames were easy for me, but let me spoiled – might as well kill me,”

Who are did not expect after graduation, the girls are the first to marry and have children in the class of students, I heard a very happy life. Graduation party ten years, she brought her husband and children, her husband is too honest look slightly dull man, Huhuashizhe like sitting beside her in silence, again and again, for her continued beverage cup. Thirty-four class students, the biggest change is that she looks completely disappeared catch, gentle and soothing, tilted his head from time to time to take care of a child sitting on her husband’s lap, gently asked: “Yeah baby, do not eat this food? Yeah baby, do not drink and drink it? “

reunions inevitably a part, is to introduce the story of their marriage, her husband’s turn to stand up and stammered: “I am right, is it, that she bitter childhood, distressed her, so now, when I was chasing her, she said, is for a: follow me, never to let you eat a little bitter …… “She gave him a look, Du Qizui Yangnu : “Look at your Shayang, not allowed to say, not allowed saying ……” My God, we have seen, is Du Qizui Oh!

The lively hubbub of the table suddenly quiet, that moment, I think we all remember the time when she remembered her phrase: “Let me have the knife foot flames beat me, but let me spoiled – might as well kill me. “Yes, time can change a person, but what really changed, is fleeting years in our daily life that person.

Each woman has baby endowments, but not every woman can encounter a man who loved her.

A woman, her only love in front of a man, will drop all the armor and defense, no longer brave, naturally showing little woman Amiability own side of it.

So, if you are a woman you do not sprinkle over from Johnson, perhaps you need to ask yourself is: Do you have spoiled her chance and mood yet?