America “Mad Woman” Perry Why in USA Has a High Popularity


Ask who is the young female singer now has a high popularity in China outshining Madonna Blaney LADY GAGA Mariah Carey Beyonce and other big singers? You may say is “perry”.

Fruit sister more cattle, have a look of her record: the first time the music history of the birth of 5 singles in an album in the female singer, and Michael Jackson tied for first. In 2014, Katie opened her “prism” world tour, a British record sold 17, sold out 66 games, field North America Australia and New Zealand a total of 25 games sold out. In 2015, Katie will tour to Europe, Asia and South America. The 4 Kochera music festival. The April 21st World Tour landing in Shanghai Shanghai. In September 25th, at the Brazil Music Festival Rio de Janeiro. A fire all over the world.

If you say “Perry” in China, know that there are too many people, but you have to ask Katy Perry who estimated that 10 to 8 people shook his head.

“Perry” is Katy Perry, Katy Perry is “perry”.

But you may not know, Katy Perry nicknamed “Perry” is actually Chinese to play, after all Americans know, to study why Chinese to Katy Perry nicknamed “perry”. When they know the truth after Chinese Katie touted by surprise

Why is the fruit fruit sister sister? Chinese users of the “fruit sister” an outstanding contribution. So, why is that users Katy Perry Perry? Katy Perry was born in California America Barbara, is American pop singer, actor and songwriter, she is a fruit sister, because Katie liked fruit elements of clothing, sometimes on the stage but also bring huge fruits props. She also revealed himself and then eat them kind of fruit. So, “Perry” is a very apt nickname.

In fact, Katie in the naive mix of retro four small “USA days”, looks sweet Zhou Zheng, most likely to become the idol of young girls like bubblegum, but she has a spicy lyrics and broken voice, that he was not just an empty table the vase.She likes bananas, watermelon, all small flowers and put them into a lovely element, strawberry candy bra bra wearing, unique style to form a mature girl doll and mix. Sometimes, spend a leopard pants suit or Sequin dress, sometimes just like fast-food restaurant waitress lace dress, and a spoof fairy tale in the traditional sense of love. She is almost always in the performance to a mini skirt, corset collocation conjoined corsage shape stage, our is a must, but not a cartoon or gorgeous color, full of dramatic effect, people do not know may think is the Vitoria show. Her daily dress up stage, the most common form is with a flower or a bunch of flowers, mature and show a small fresh young heart, no matter is wearing a dress or skirt Chanel latex, she is cute and Katy Perry.

Perry both sweet and madness, cheerful and uninhibited. Her image is changeable and become the fashion leader; and because crazy enough and not enough Cougar fascinating.She has many distinctive, but is a very sexy female singer.Magic and changeable in a body, so popular songs fit the times young people favor, this female singer she is alone in America, takes all of the world!


 Perry Why in USA Has a High Popularityn