A Woman Will Be A Small Chest; With 14 Bad Habits Have A Lot To Do


Every woman wants a pair of plump sexy chest, in blind pursuit of large chest at the same time, it ignores the chest of conservation.Below these bad habits, but will ruin your Breast, come see you have not caught it.

A woman will be a small chest, with these 14 bad habits have a great relationship!

1, Lace underwear

Lace mostly polyester, nylon and spandex made, can cause skin allergies, lactating women, may plug the hole or lose breast milk ducts, causing lactation disorder or mastitis. Therefore, women’s underwear should be comfortable cotton fabric is preferred.

2, Clothes too tight

Tight bra, too thin coat will directly affect the blood circulation system, the lower the breast blood stasis, causing breast swelling and pain. For girls in the developmental stages, it will directly affect breast development. Therefore, the best and want tights, bra size between breasts and bra should be able to accommodate 1 to 2 fingers better.

A woman will be a small chest, with these 14 bad habits have a great relationship!

3, Tummy to sleep

Often tummy sleeping may make breasts sag or depression. The best sleeping position is positional women and breast underlay a pillow, so that they get adequate support. Usually it may be appropriate to do some chest, take a deep breath, walk away, turn back and other sports, help active meridians, promote blood, prevent breast tissue aging.

4, Wearing a bra to sleep

The study found that wearing a bra more than 17 hours every day women, breast cancer risk than short-term wear or do not wear a bra bra by more than 20 times higher. This is because the time pressure of the breast, lymphatic drainage blocked, causing breast pain and discomfort.

A woman will be a small chest, with these 14 bad habits have a great relationship!

5, Blind to lose weight

If breast development stage, blind diet or weight loss drugs can cause hormone secretion disorders, affecting breast development.Therefore, development of girls do not blind to lose weight, you can stay in shape through a healthy diet, exercise and other means.

6, Eat sweets

Long-term intake of high-sugar foods, blood insulin levels are always at a high level state, resulting in a significant increase in breast insulin and continue to breed breast cancer cells, leading to breast cancer. Proposal like to eat dessert, snack women, the daily total intake of sugar should be around 30 to 40 grams daily diet with grains, beans, sweet potato-based, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

A woman will be a small chest, with these 14 bad habits have a great relationship!

7, The breast too rude action

Breasts very fragile, after being violently impact, internal soft tissue bruise easily, or cause internal hyperplasia, serious internal small blood vessels rupture, hematoma formation or cyst. Therefore, the treatment of the breast to be gentle, avoid external compression, gentle movements when bathing, doing less with folded arms movements.

8, Smoking and drinking

University of Montreal, Canada, said, for nine consecutive years of smoking a pack of cigarettes per day for women, the risk of breast cancer will increase 59%. Drinking is also a breast killer, daily drinking 1 to 2 cups of women suffering from breast cancer than non-drinking women increased by 10%, while drinking more than three cups a day of women, the prevalence is 30% higher. Whether it is wine, beer or liquor, it will cause harm to the breast. It is recommended that women should quit alcohol limit.

A woman will be a small chest, with these 14 bad habits have a great relationship!

9, Exercise, do not wear sports bras

Any intensity of movement can make women’s breasts shake, do not wear a bra can cause serious sagging breasts, while the average bra and not well fixed chest, resulting in breast tissue damage, pain occurs sense. Therefore, be sure to wear no rims sports bra during exercise, when buying sports bra should feel chest pain but not tight package as the standard, you can hop hop, see if you can provide appropriate support for the chest.

10, Dirty nipple

Nipple clean not only the relationship between women’s own breast health, but also affect the next generation of breast-feeding, so to improve attention, especially in women with congenital inverted nipple. When cleaning, should nipple as the center, do the rotary massage, gently rub off the dead skin above.

A woman will be a small chest, with these 14 bad habits have a great relationship!

11, Abuse of breast enhancement products

While all products claim to contain plastic chest hormones, but if it does not contain hormones, is not have any effect. Eligible products are those that contain the regular disable certain chemical composition, but if abused, which will also lead to biological agents endocrine disorders. And long-term use of breast cream, can inhibit the secretion of female hormones affect the breast and other secondary sexual characteristics.

12, Taking the pill to breast

In addition to using contraceptives to acne, or birth control pills to make breasts plump practices are not desirable. The main component of the pill is estrogen and progesterone. Excessive intake of estrogen can cause endocrine disorders, long-term use of contraceptives disrupt the endocrine balance of women, causing irregular menstruation, this will only make breasts smaller and smaller.

A woman will be a small chest, with these 14 bad habits have a great relationship!

13, Chest, lack of exercise

The girls all know the body needs exercise, this will have a fit of good figure, but for the chest, there is no exercise habits, in fact, if the girls find themselves mother’s chest is not large, then began to develop breasts at puberty when the recommendations pay more attention to the chest massage, promote blood circulation and prevent blood vessel blockage. At bedtime or bath time to be minor chest massage, which will help promote circulation and help breast development.

14, Bathe with soap harmful breast health

If the nightly soap and other cleaning materials re-use, is easy alkalized local breast skin, while local breast skin to recover the protective layer, and to restore the acidified environment, it takes some time. Modern medicine, there are large sebaceous glands, fat and breast skin surface is secreted by the sebaceous glands under the areola on the breast. Women during pregnancy, increases the secretion of the sebaceous glands, sweat glands on the areola also will hypertrophy, nipples become soft, and increase sweat and sebaceous secretions also makes the skin surface acidification, leading to soften cuticles. At this point, if you always use cleaning materials like soap, wash away these secretions from the nipple and areola, breast care for women at a disadvantage.