8 Photos Of People With Bizarre Physique Shapes Are Unbelievable.


We all have different body shapes; some are blessed with curves while some have a skinny structure. But there are some who are not as lucky in terms of their body structures. Let us go through the pictures of some weird bodies who look shockingly weird.

1. Pregnant or Pot-bellied?

It’s hard to conclude if she is pregnant or suffering from a pot belly. Over 30% of South Asian population is suffering from Over 30 per cent of the Indian population is suffering fromPotbellyabdominal obesity. Its amazing how you gain weight in the pot of your belly even with such busy life schedules. This could be excess abdominal fat in the picture, but it is hard to believe this woman is pregnant. Today-3firstitem

2. Balloonishhh

Doesn’t it look like a square kinda balloon is strewn over a pair of strings, I mean legs? This person looks like he’s gained weight after pregnancy ! A woman who was average weight before getting pregnant should gain 25 to 35 pounds after becoming pregnant. A woman who belongs to average weight scale before pregnancy can gain 25 to 35 pounds after becoming pregnant. But this woman seems to have her different story ! Wait, is she a woman ? weird-body-shape

3. Fantasy Woman Of Many

Men, stop drooling! Women, stop judging if she has breast implants or some intense surgery inside there. Isn’t this the type of women they draw in anime ? This could be common symptom of breast cancer in women too. A majority of the breast growth that occurs during a woman’s life can be attributed to fluctuations in the hormone estrogen. Use of contraceptive pills that have estrogen hormones can trigger unwanted growth of breast size. Unwanted or not, this size is making majority of the viewers a fan of this woman ! securedownload

4. What STUFF Is That?

That’s some seriously weird stuffing out there! Soon because of your over weight you will find it difficult to stuff your skin into your pants. It is directly affecting your health in negative manner. I am not a health specialist but I would like to know what doctors recommend for this type of body shape. securedownload (1)

5. Minus Figure

Is you body figure having side affects on your health ? We have heard of and also seen some zero figures, but this one has set a benchmark. This is called a minus figure! Women are inclined towards zero body figures these days, but this is directly affecting your physical health. Make sure you do not lose so much weight that it is impossible to gain back the same. You obviously need some muscles on your bones to move your limbs, right ? skinny

6. Frowningly Heavy

Even the body is frowning for such a weird body shape. See how the upper body forms a frowning structure at both the sides. This body shape results if you gain weight with beer and poor exercising habits. To be honest, I see this guy has never seen gym, what to talk about lifting weight. Truth is you don’t need gym if you can give 15 mins daily at home for basic workout. It gives you better shape, good health, much better immunity and less diseases. Next time you visit your doctor, give a look at yourself in mirror. 5743f3998a87f472b8eeff4a66a180b5-well-this-man-has-an-interesting-body-shape

7. Heavy Has A New Definition

Those, my friends, are a set of heaviest natural breasts on this earth. They might look like symptoms of breast cancer in females but they’re naturally grown to this size. Larger size breasts are blamed to cause back pain in women, though doctors say its a myth. With this amount of increased weight on the chest is definitely not giving you normal physique. 9