28 Celebrities They Don’t Want Any Surgery for Puss Up 


Most Hollywood stars have had at least one visit to the plastic surgeon, professional dermatologist or even local dentist. As a celeb, you’ve got to look your best so it’s not surprising that many A-listers opt for cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, breast implants and rhinoplasties to enhance their look. These next 28 stars, however, need absolutely zero plastic surgery.

Christina Hendricks Doesn’t Need Surgery

Christina Hendricks is one good looking woman and owes a lot of her success to her incredible hourglass figure. Although most celebs go to their local plastic surgeon for breast augmentation surgery, Hendricks doesn’t need that. Christina Hendricks Doesn’t Need Surgery

Heidi Montag

Unlike many of the beautiful women on this list, Heidi Montag’s main assets were given to her by a plastic surgeon and not by mother nature. Best known for her appearance in “The Hills”, Montag went through 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in a single day in 2010. She later put herself through another cosmetic procedure in 2013 to try to better the results of her first operation.Heidi Montag

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek may be 49 years old but she could totally pass for a 20-year-old. This hot Mexican mama has been around for quite some time, making our time spent at the movie theaters that much better. Other than her acting skill, Hayek loves to play around with her fashion choices and enjoys showing off her curves on and off the big screen. Salma Hayek

Kaley Cuoco

The star of “The Big Bang Theory”, Kaley Cuoco, is as great-looking off-screen as she is in the series. The actress openly spoke about her decision to undergo plastic surgery, and it looks like it was the right decision. Turns out, the plastic surgery actually helped her in her career path (and potentially even personal life!). Kaley Cuoco

Coco Austin

Coco Austin, or Nicole Marrow (née Austin), is known as the wife of rapper and actor Ice-T, and the two also appeared together on their own reality show. Prior to her meeting Ice-T, Coco was busy promoting her own career, which she started at the young age of 14, as a swimsuit and lingerie model. Coco Austin

Halle Berry

The all-time favorite Catwoman, the only woman of color to ever win an Academy Award for the being the “Best Actress” – Halle Berry is a woman for whom an age is merely a number. It comes as no surprise that Berry made this list, considering she has two berries of her own to show off. The actress is an all-natural superstar and we all know it! Halle Berry

Kate Upton

At the young age of 23, Kate Upton is making it clear that she isn’t going anywhere with that incredible body of hers. Not only is she a successful model, but she is also a movie star. Upton has quite a few accolades to her name, including her being chosen as the face of “Guess” in 2010-11 and becoming Sports Illustrated 2013 cover girl. Kate Upton

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence became our favorite a long time ago. The actress’ charmingly simple and lighthearted attitude to life definitely conquered our hearts. Lawrence has a couple of other assets that make us like her even more!Jennifer Lawrence

Kendra Wilkinson

The ultimate Girl Next Door, and one of Hugh Hefner’s beautiful girlfriends – Kendra Wilkinson – is one of the best looking women in Hollywood! She wasn’t exactly a Playboy Playmate, but she was featured in several nude photoshoots alongside other Playboy bunnies. As you can see, she is blessed in all the right places, whether it is artificially or naturally! Kendra Wilkinson

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook might not be the most famous personality on this list, but she is definitely up there for being naturally blessed. The English model shows off her pair on a regular basis, and we are definitely not complaining.Kelly Brook

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham, the “Teen Mom” star, who became famous for all the wrong reasons, is pretty much fake all over. From the assets she is ever so proud of to the stories that come out of her (fake) lips, she continues to irritate us. But her body parts are pretty big and appealing, we’ll give her that.Farrah Abraham

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings loves flaunting her natural, full-figure. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the same assets. If you’d like to freshen your look but still keep things natural, head to your local dermatologist for botox and collagen injections. Kat Dennings

Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden might not be familiar to you, but her famous assets, who married a then 50-year-old Doug Hutchinson, need no introduction. Perhaps it makes sense – those things must be so comfortable to take naps on.Courtney Stodden

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s figure has fluctuated over the years, but two very apparent things seem to always stay constant. Breast implants can help any woman enhance their look, and most plastic surgeons charge reasonable prices for the procedure. Mariah Carey

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been blessed in many ways. Perry has never had any professional cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance or alter her figure. Unlike most celebrities who undergo face lifts, breast augmentations and much more, Perry remains au naturel. Katy Perry

Blake Lively

Blake Lively has been through a lot since her “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” days, but she is one gossip girl who will never forget her roots. The star and fashionista —who is married and has a baby with Ryan Reynolds— still calls America Ferrera, Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn her close friends. Blake Lively


Beyoncé may be quite the bootylicious diva but she doesn’t let her fame define her. The amazingly talented singer-dancer-actress is married to Jay-Z with whom she often collaborates. The power couple is so successful, their net worth is actually estimated at a whopping $1 billion. Now, that isn’t something we can compete with. Beyoncé

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s weight seemed to be unsteady in recent years due to her two childbirths. However, the singer and fashion designer has managed to lose the extra pounds and revealed an even more “irresistible” body than the one she had when she first started her career. The proud mama has been celebrating her new slimmed down physique by posting a whole lot of pictures of herself for her 1.8 million Instagram followers to enjoy. Jessica Simpson

Christina Aguilera

When it comes to loving your shape whatever size you are and truly believing that you look amazing, you should always look to Christina Aguilera. No matter how curvy or thin her body is at the moment, Christina Aguilera is a diva at heart, ever since her breakthrough with “Genie in a Bottle” back in 1999. Christina Aguilera

Amber Rose

Amber Rose has an amazing figure, which was most certainly enhanced by some good plastic surgery procedures. Many women opt for nose jobs, face lifts and breast augmentations in order to feel more confident. Amber Rose

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter, a rising star and our all-time favorite nerdy sister on “Modern Family” has been struggling with her voluptuous figure for a while. Winter recently had a breast augmentation surgery, which she openly spoke about with the media. The 5’1 actress is happier than ever, and is looking great in the most recent ‘kini shots! Ariel Winter

Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney clearly has her professional plastic surgeon to thank for her looks. Aside from botox injections, we think breast augmentation surgery had a hand in her looks. Charlotte McKinney

Sofia Vergara

There really aren’t that many women in the world who are as talented, gorgeous and hilariously funny as Sofia Vergara is. We have a feeling that is exactly what Joe Manganiello thought about when he proposed to her. At 43 years old, it is pretty impressive that Vergara has not only catapulted herself to fame, but is also the highest-earning woman in U.S. television for her role in “Modern Family”. Sofia Vergara

Kim Kardashian

It seems that you can’t open your computer or look at your phone without receiving new information about the tidings of the famous Kim Kardashian. After making a name for herself on the reality show starring her family, Kardashian is busy keeping up with her nearly 45 million Instagram followers.Kim Kardashian