21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!


Metabolism in our body a burned the small train, if it speeds up, fat-burning can also speed up.

21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!

1. “Embrace” green tea

Green tea contains catechism, can increase the levels of norepinephrine in the body, and norepinephrine can speed up the metabolic rate. Drink 3 cups of green tea or ingestion of green tea extract 3 times and metabolic rate faster than people who don’t drink green tea 4%. In other words, can burn 60,000 calories more a day, losing 6 pounds of fat a year!

2. The iron is essential

Cannot practice instruments, but also eat things that contain iron. If the lack of iron in the body, the body cells not getting enough oxygen, thus lowering the metabolism. We can also get some vitamins, most of which contain about 18 mg of iron (recommended daily intake for adults), or eat foods rich in iron, such as lean meat, chicken, whole grains, beans and nuts.

3. Water, Cup after Cup

When during certain hours drink 500 ml (two cups) water, the body’s metabolism speeds up, and 30%. So drink 1.5 liters of water a day, can burn off 17.4 million calories a year, equivalent to lose 5 pounds.

21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!

4. Focus on thyroid

Controlling the body’s metabolism of the thyroid levels. If thyroid problems, primary illness is weight cannot be alleviated. If you have an illness going to hospital for examination and treatment.

5. Eating breakfast is a good habit

Breakfast is an important factor in successful weight loss. According to the results of a study published in the obesity research, 80% people who can be very good for weight control, have the habit of eating breakfast.

6. Milk products cannot be replaced

Eat (drink) nonfat cream cheese or low-fat yogurt for the 3?4 time of women, than women who eat less dairy products 70% more fat burning. However, calcium-fortified nutrients such as calcium dairy products brought about by the effects cannot be obtained. Best way is to eat dairy products, instead of adding calcium in other foods.

21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!

7. Strength training

Strength training can improve the body’s basal metabolic rate, even if you sit tight, also can help you burn fatter. Also, when you’re done practicing, will usher in a metabolism of the body height: cycle in high speed operation, and will last for two hours. If you don’t have time to do strength exercises, then high doing squats, leg lifts, frog jumps, push-ups, pull-ups, or step on the climber. These movements do not require too much time, does each exercise 10 times, and you would think time invested worthwhile.

8. Alcohol bye-bye

Alcohol suppresses the central nervous system; reduce the level of human metabolism. Mixing alcohol and high fat foods will generate high heat. After eating this food, most fat cannot be burn in a timely manner, the result is the meat more and more, people are getting fatter.

9. Exercise: many times a short time

Breaks when doing sports, especially with a certain intensity of exercise, can improve your metabolic rate. Intensity exercise breaks, such as aerobics, can burn off more fat than regular breaks. If you break is a 10-minute walk, and now is in every walk of 5 minutes, then Sprint for 30 seconds at a time. Otherwise, every 5 minutes bicycle, 1 minutes bending movement. If the breaks just 10 minutes, you can walk 3 minutes 30 seconds faster.

21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!

10. Cross movement effect

Whether your sport is the third kind every day: a brisk walk in the morning, at noon for a walk, jog in the evening. In fact, no need to get so “loyalty”. Scientifically speaking, a campaign to do more, the body is fit, less through the movement burns off fat. If you want to burn more fat, selecting several items for cross training. For example, if you walk, it can now be replaced by bicycle; this time, growth rate of metabolism in the body begins, were larger and more comprehensive delivery of oxygen to all organs of the body, and calories burned, you see the slimming effect is more obvious.

11. Eat more fish health

People who regularly eat fish, in this body, “Levin lepton” (a hormone) level lower, while high levels of “Lai lepton” associated with slow metabolism and obesity. Therefore, 3? 4 times a week salmon, tuna, fish can dramatically improve your metabolism rate.

12. Vacuum decreases abdominal

Pressure and abdominal fat accumulation has much to do. When you feel stress, cortisol and other hormones begin to stimulate your appetite, while lowering the body’s metabolism, accumulation of fat to the abdomen. Do what you love every day and can effectively alleviate the pressure of events, listen to soothing music, or yoga can be an effective stress relief.

21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!

13. Take exercise after menstrual period

During the menstrual cycle a few days after the movement, access to better weight loss than other times. These, and progesterone in the body will activate the FAT system: turning fat into calories, to supplement the menstrual cycle leading to loss of energy. If you do moderate exercise, more fat can be converted into the energy needed to exercise. Women in the period over the next two days before ovulation, and in about two weeks’ time, can burn more than usual 30% of fat.

14. Eat bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium, by regulating water balance in the body to speed up the metabolic rate. If your body lacks the water, metabolic rate will come down, fat-burning will reduce. Every day, to ensure that the 2000 mg of potassium, and a banana contains 450 mg, a cup of milk contains 370 mg, an orange contains 250 mg.

15. Every day with peanut sauce

Do you think peanut butter is very easy to gain weight? In fact, particularly rich in magnesium content in peanut butter, and magnesium is a mineral that can effectively speed up the metabolism-cell to provide plenty of power. Human 320 mg of magnesium per day, and eat a peanut butter whole wheat sandwich (contains 100 mg of magnesium) or 100 g spinach (contains 80 mg of magnesium), a day will be able to provide the required 1/3.

21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!

16. Cereals instead of starch

Refined carbohydrates, such as bread, potatoes and rice, can stimulate insulin secretion, which slows down the body’s metabolism. Therefore, you should control the intake of starch in the diet, and turn its attention to fruits, vegetables and whole grains. When you buy whole-grain bread, you should look at: list of nutrients is not marked on whole wheat, oat or wheat.

17. Eat small meals

Eat small meals is a great way to avoid a decrease in metabolism. Divided into 5 smaller day diet, each 200? 500 kcal of heat control, rather than eat 3 times a day, each meal enough to eat better.

18. The protein supplement

If you can eat some protein with each meal, your metabolism will speed up. But note that the protein levels in 20%? 35% per cent of calories each meal is more appropriate, or excessive protein intake will increase the burden of liver and kidney, but fat.

21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!

19. Ensure adequate sleep

Sleep deprivation caused by thyroid levels and pressures caused by hormonal disorders, will result in a slow metabolism. When you feel tired when used to cope with the normal functions of the body’s energy in the body is already on a red light. In other words, insufficient heat for burning fat. So, in order to assure a smooth metabolic approach each night to guarantee 6? 8 hours of sleep.

20. The segmentation movement of “cakes”

Try and usually used for a relatively long time to finish the motion into two to complete, 20 minutes at a time. In this way, every time you complete 20 minutes after exercise 1? 2 hours will usher in peak metabolic. Doing this more than once and for all the amount of exercise, to burn off more fat. Even a small amount of activity can make inner loop this small train speed again. Even in the House for 5 minutes per hour circle, every day more 200? 300 calorie burning.

21 Weight Loss Coup Mouths Are Dry!

21. Side phone pacing

People that are always in a State of motion, such as while propped up his legs while them put down, while stretching, while they take two steps, so people burn more calories than those who are more sedentary people.