10 Minutes to Quickly Eliminate The Butterfly Arm

Introduction: What is the fastest way to thin arm, maybe you had not obese, can those loose, excess fat on the arm, gives the feeling of thick, how thin arm, to teach you today a thin arm exercise to lose weight , get rid of annoying butterfly sleeves, slim arms.
10 minutes to quickly eliminate the butterfly arm

You may not really fat, but that fat makes you lose arm fat is actually like a good ten kilograms. Want to have tight arms, try the following exercise to lose weight thin arm, allowing you to quickly eliminate the butterfly arm.     Action One     1. On the back lying on fitness ball, catch the ball with both hands held straight up, waist and hips, thighs in a straight line, with your feet slightly open knee brace.

2. Slowly lower the arm until the head in a straight line, repeat 10-15 times

Action II

1. lunge position, hands elbows bent, grabbed the ball on his chest position to the center waist and abdomen, upper body slowly rotate to the right side, then slowly back in front

2. Lift the left leg, while the arm raised straight up. Repeat 10-15 times, then change sides

Action III

1. lying posture, legs slightly open, knees bent, feet affixed to catch the ball with both hands, bend your hands placed on the chest. Slowly sat up, and ground into a 45 degree angle

2. sit up, shoulders relaxed, back straight, hands holding the ball slowly to the back of the head put, keeping your elbows at a 90 degree angle.Repeat 10-15 times

Action Four

Action Four

1. hands holding the ball, fitness ball lying on the shoulders, knees bent 90 degrees, the body parallel to the ground

2. The right hand slowly to the ceiling direction straight, left hand holding the ball down the left side of the horizon

3. The left-handed the ball back to the middle position, for the right hand, the left and right repeat 10-15 times

Action Five

1. Open your legs shoulder width apart, hands to catch the ball placed on the chest, hands bent

2. The body slowly to squat, keeping the knees toward the front

3. The body slowly stand up straight, his hands bound in front of straight, parallel arm until the ground

4. Return to Action 2, repeat 10-15 times