10 Foolish Poses of the Royal Family Caught on Camera


So you thought only us normal people have spoofs? Here are some of the ways in which the royal family has been caught on camera in a funny way.

Here we bring 10 of the weirdest poses I which we found the members of the royal family. These had been doing the rounds on the internet ever since they were out. Take a look:

Getting territorial there, Harry!

Harry caught with ex-gf


You will be shocked to see him when he turns around

Enjoy there, Kate


Oh no! Elizabeth caught off guard

Even Queen Elizabeth can’t keep her hands off


Prince Charles and his style statement

Prince Charles thought about experimenting with his dress code. Not bad we say


Wait, what is going on here?

Parent Fail level: Pro


Watch where your nails have gone Kate

And that expression!


“Ew… No thanks mister”

Where have you come up with such manners?


C’mon, what do you think of that there darling?

Her: “nice….nice”

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall study a wood carving of a ship’s figurehead, during a visit to the Hector Quay Museum in Pictou county, Nova Scotia, at the start of their Royal trip to Canada.

The meme says it all

Aw no, thanks


So many feels right there

Nervous. Anxiety. Stressed much, Kate?